what is shrimat?




Baba always says, “Children, follow Shrimat.”
Shrimat is not a set of rules but a system of living on this planet without violence. It takes a lot of wisdom to be able to do this. It also keeps us from creating more karmic debts. Deep knowledge and Yoga is for settling our debts, which is what we really want. This is why Brahma Baba’s life was so incredible. Each and every action had wisdom behind it. His life teaches us how to live, how to dance the beauty of life.

Through the study of Raja Yoga Meditation we souls become familiar with 'matt'(some directions) matters that is –
1. MANMAT – The dictates/directions of one’s own mind
2.PARMAT – The dictates/directions of someone else’s mind, and
3. SHRIMAT – The elevated directions of God.
–The Benefits of Shrimat–
By Dr. Nirmala Didi , Australia
The sanskaras of this alokik(new birth considered after god finds you) birth are pulling us towards the land of peace. Be an observer of the self and see how, peaceful and cool you are. If you are cool you automatically have love for God. When water. boils steam comes out. When the thoughts boil and bubble out of the mind, what state would the soul be in and what atmosphere would it create? Baba is creating heaven, but we need to help by spreading peace throughout the whole world through the power of remembrance. People these days are afraid of dying a violent death. We shouldn’t live in fear, but we should have caution not to make mistakes or create misunderstandings. Be cautious and sensible.
Don’t go out late at night.
This is Baba’s shrimat.

Live peacefully by remembering Baba. Sit and write down what is shrimat and what is the benefit of it. WHEN YOU FOLLOW SHRIMAT BABA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO. BABA WILL THEN PUT RIGHT LITTLE ERRORS, WHICH THE SOUL WOULDN’T NORMALLY DO.

If you are always following manmat, how can Baba help? He helps those who are honest and faithful. If you only give to support to those you are attached to, and don’t bother with anyone else, thenhow can Baba give you support ?
When the soul becomes light through knowledge and yoga, you are able to fly. Seeing one bird fly, all the birds begin to fly, THEY PICK UP THE VIBRATION. Everything is dependent on the vibrations we are creating. Have vibrations filled with the power of love. Seeing me fly, others will have the desire to fly also. Shrimat makes us very light, so that we don’t need to think about anything. We don’t have to do anything else. When Baba makes us instruments, then the whole task is already accomplished. He makes us instruments so that we can create our fortune. If you make your illness an excuse, you make it a mountain by thinking about it. Let your thoughts be pure and elevated. Baba fills power in such thoughts. Everything will be dependent on those thoughts. Our attitude has to be very pure and clean. Cleanse your sanskaras. WHATEVER YOU THINK AGAIN AND AGAIN CREATES YOUR SANSKARAS.
If your sanskaras are those of a child of God and you live to do his service, then you feel that this is your godly family. No matter how much you are engaged in service or yoga, you won’t be successful if you don’t feel that this is your godly family. They are all part of this family, all are equal to God. If you don’t do this work for Baba, of maintaining a pure vision and attitude, then you are no use to Baba. Even if someone is thinking ill of you, by giving good vibrations, you finish whatever was in souls towards you. If you can’t spread peace in a small gathering, how can you be called a peaceful soul? Sit and make your self peaceful, cool and sweet. Your tone should always be very sweet and lovely. Drink nectar and give it to others. People live in fear, but we live in comfort with no fear and no grudges towards anyone. A feeling of having a grudge won’t allow you to have love for God, to belong to God or to feel that He is your companion.
ShivBaba’s Shrimat makes us BK souls pass with honours all the exam papers of life easily.

If i really want to ’ Pass with Honours ’ let me concentrate on all the 4 subjects -* My personal study – GYAN,* My obedience to inculcation – DHARNA,* My surrendered intellect for service – SEVA,* And above all my constant attention on Baba’s sweetremembrance – YAAD .

None but ONE Shivbaba! One support, One faith, One trust in BABA alone – Ek BABA Doosra Na Koi !!

source: http://www.untoldanswers.in/2015/11/what-is-shrimat.html