Dadi Janki: Have I become God’s right hand?


  • Baba says, ‘Children, you must keep flying and enable others to fly’.
  • Drama says ‘Remain in the sweet bondage of service and continue to say ‘Haji’. Keep using your breath and thoughts in a worthwhile way. 
  • The child who merges Baba in their heart is a true diamond. 
  • It is fixed that you are a victorious jewel. This is certain.
  • Remain lost in the experience of accumulating multi-millions at every step.
  • Maintain the enthusiasm to use your breath and thoughts in a worthwhile way.

It is time to forgive and forget – to let go. Whether it is a BK or anyone else, the condition of someone who does not learn to let go will never be good. Have you learnt to let go? Have you become experienced in this? There should be such intoxication of what Baba has given to the soul that whoever knew you before you came to Baba can recognise what Baba has made you into. Wherever you set foot, everyone should recognise you as a special soul. I have come onto this Earth as an incarnation to play my part. Shiv Baba incarnated on this Earth through Brahma in order to play this part. It will not take long for people in the world to recognise Shiv Baba but it is a great fortune if someone recognises Brahma Baba and his role. 

Our role is to help others connect with God and finish the files of karmic accounts they have. We have finished our own files of accounts and we now have to help others do this. To do this work is to help God with His task. Imagine how many people’s files God has! There are the files of the people of the whole world, files of those who are in contact and our own files! To help Him to clear those files is such an elevated task! Think about it! It is the task of the right hand of God to do this work. I should not be one who submits any more files of accounts to Baba. If I want to be the right hand of God I cannot allow my intellect to be engaged anywhere else. I should be available to God whenever He needs me. Important people don’t allow their phone to be engaged for long. Let the telephone of my intellect not be engaged anywhere that God would have to search for me. 

Remember that the Kingdom of Satyug is being established and so every aspect of my own personal kingdom should be in order. No matter how big my task is, I should be totally free as well. What will the maharajah and maharani of Satyug be like? We will live to 150 years… Think about these things… Is my face revealing the intoxication of that kingdom? We cannot afford to let ourselves get tired. We are changing the whole world and so we have to do one thing after another after another… without tiredness. Drama is already fixed: It is happening. What do I have to do? Service will be done – I just have to remain light. Lightness comes with purity. Truth brings power whilst when there is humility, everyone co-operates. If you speak loudly to anyone, they will not come to work with you again. My job is to take care of my own head. Never allow yourself to think too much because it will make your head heavy. Sensible ones do not think too much. It is my fortune that God’s hand is on my head, His hand is in my hand and, in order to help me move forward, His hand is on my back too. 

There should now be no shadows or influence of others. It is the time to walk under God’s protection only. 

Baba sent a message to Dadi Janki. Dadi Gulzar wrote it down and it has been sent in a letter along with news to all centres. Dadi would like to share those things Baba said with you. 

Om Shanti