Didi Sudesh in Poland



Didi Sudesh 

Born in North India in 1942, her ambition since early childhood has been to follow a spiritual path and serve humanity.

Her teaching abilities were evident from childhood, when unique circumstances made her headmistress of a girl’s school at the age of 16. Didi Sudesh has the unique ability of crossing cultural differences, serving as a bridge between East and West. For over 50 years Didi Sudesh has been an outstanding lecturer, teacher and broadcaster on meditation and spirituality. Her knowledge and understanding of the meaning behind the most ancient Indian scriptures is profound and her ability to take people into the depth and wonder of the deepest spiritual truths is second to none. She has been invited to address international conferences, co-ordinate workshops and run seminars in over 80 countries.

Born in North India, for Didi Sudesh it all started soon after she became a student of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU). Eventually becoming a respected teacher, she moved to London England to help establish the first branch of the University outside India way back in 1974. Now based in Germany she is currently Director of the university’s many European centres.

“To live a spiritual life is to live a natural life, for despite our physical nature and circumstances; we are all, actually at our core, spiritual beings”, says Sudesh. Having come to recognize this innate spirituality in herself she now makes it her life’s work to help others achieve the same realization, and so create a stable foundation upon which to build a stress free happy life no matter what the situation!







Didi Sudesh