Dadi Janki – Q&A with Sister Denise – 4.8.11 – GRC, European Teachers Retreat


Questions are one thing – they are just for the sake of asking.  You have to give the example in your practical life.  When you don’t become distracted – and don’t even think anything else – you will get the right answer.


Q1. Dadi has spoken about creating an orb of light or subtle energy, and keeping ourselves in this and using it as our protective sheath. How do we create this orb?  How do you determine how effective it is?  Is this the place from where we should do service through the mind?


Dadi:  My form should be such that everything Baba says should fit, should be appropriate for me and become part of my life.  (Dadi gave the example of a little box). Just as this little silver box was moulded, we have become Baba’s children and have come away from the world outside, so what is the form of Baba child? It should be so clear that the whole world feels that I am God’s child.  I should never allow myself to come out of this mould. A child never has to worry about anything; the parents make the child.  When my intellect becomes distracted by other things, I forget what I have to become. I don’t have to do anything; the One who is doing is getting it done.  The orb means the aim: for example, keep Lakshmi and Narayan in front of you, keep the cycle in front of you – see the hands of the clock and recognise the time now, see the tree – we are sitting in the roots of the tree…  So, the orb means that I have to fit myself into the mould of this realisation of what I am. I must not keep coming out of the mould and lose this.  When I get distracted by thinking about others, I come out of the mould. I should just be focused on what it is that I have to do: I have to become this, I became this last kalpa and the One who is making me this is getting this done.  Baba has explained to me clearly about the Creator and the creation. In a rose garden each rose has a different form, size, and fragrance – but each one is a rose.  God is creating such a rose garden.  God is transforming the garden of thorns into the garden of roses; we should just watch this and be pleased. So, the orb means a) the first class quality and b) this is the time.  


Q2:  Dadi said recently that in the early days Baba spoke a lot about the sato and tamo stages. Sometimes we hear that we have perhaps reached the rajo stage. What is the sign of us moving from the rajo to the sato stage?

In every murli Baba says: ‘Children, you have to become satopradhan’. To be satoguni means that your attitude is pure and good; you only see the positive. Once Dadi saw someone stealing and, when Dadi told Baba, Baba said: ‘Don’t see it.’  Don’t see anything negative, just do and see what is positive and good. When you see anything negative, you are becoming rajoguni. In the rajoguni stage, anything that is not good stays inside you, and you pretend that it’s not there – you suppress it.  So, rajoguni language is ‘I have done my best; I have tried to understand this’.  A rajoguni intellect causes blockages; it doesn’t allow you to draw good wishes and Baba’s power. Satoguni souls reveal their qualities naturally; you may not have knowledge but you can see their qualities.  


Dadi Gulzar is not just satoguni, she is in a satopradhan stage; this is why she is Baba’s chariot.  By coming in front of her, souls become satoguni.  Her stage allows everyone to experience what the stage of truth, the satoguni stage, is, and become aware of it within themselves. A soul in the satoguni stage is sitting on Baba’s heart throne, wearing the crown of light and the tilak of self-awareness.  In their company, because of the crown of light, everything becomes easy and success becomes a garland around the neck. A satoguni person experiences a life of having died alive. Their stage doesn’t fluctuate – it’s not one thing one day and something else another.  Sometime we make excuses for making ourselves rajoguni – we don’t follow the maryadas and disciplines and create reasons for why we are the way we are!  In the satoguni stage a person has only one thought, one concern: how do I become satopradhan?  I have to have the satopradhan state – the ultimate, absolute stage of purity.  


Satoguni is like gold, the rajo stage is like silver; there is a vast difference between the value of silver and gold.  A satoguni person makes genuine, deep efforts to remove the alloy in the soul by staying in deep remembrance of Baba. The soul calls out to Baba: ‘This is the transformation I want to experience’ and Baba says: ‘Yes, child.’ and makes it happen.  Baba sees that this one is His true, honest child – and the family should also see that they are honest. We have come away from the iron age. We are in the confluence age, the age of becoming true gold, a true diamond and for this we need to recognise the self, time and the Father. So, finish whatever you need to finish.  If you do something again and again, or even just a second time, you have moved into the rajo stage.  Think deeply about this and you will recognise the difference of going from rajo to sato to satopradhan

I have to remain safe and clean (saaf).  I must walk carefully and not be splashed by anyone’s weakness.  The time to walk is over; if I walk, people will splash things in my faceI need to have an attitude of renunciation, free from all desire, at all times, never considering anyone or anything to belong to me. The next stage is to remain detached and beyond, whilst doing everything, over a long period of time – then I can see myself becoming like Baba and others will see it too.  I need to arrive at this place, where my attitude is completely beyond; I allow the past to be the past, I don’t remember either my own or anyone else’s mistakes. If do, I slip back into the tamoguni stage – to remember the old things is tamoguni.  Satoguni is clean, simple, honest and truthful – no complications. When the quality of my thoughts and attitude is right, the soul and Supreme Soul become united.  


Q. In Raja Yoga we do our own version of yoga and tapasya, donation, charity and mantras. How does this create the sanskars of ancient India and how is this different to the practices of modern day bhakti?  What does it mean to be the worthy of worship image?  


A.  In the scriptures it says ‘God cannot be found through worshipping Him. You become My child by knowing and recognising Me as a Resident of the soul world.’ Attainment from Baba makes me worthy of worship. So, keep emerging that attainment. To become worthy of worship I need to remember whose child I am: I am a child of the One who is supremely worthy of worship. Study should make me peaceful and happy. First, I become worthy of praise and my effort is good – it is truthful, not lazy effort.  Then I become part of the rosary of victory; worthy of being remembered.  Loving and detached, such a soul creates unity in its relationships with others; it does not fluctuate. God is the Truth and so He is ever worthy of worship.  One with such elevated dharna inspires others to become the same. So, to come in the 108, there should be 1 Baba, apply a dot (0) and use the 8 powers. Such a soul doesn’t think too much or speak too much. Seeing them, others remember God – to do such good service makes you worthy of praise. Those who belong to the rosary of 8 make very little effort and get a lot of ‘result’; they become exactly like the Father. The 8 deities are not worshipped but people have such deep feeling that they belong to them, that those special deities understand them and are God’s direct creation. They have so much attainment from God that others are able to experience attainment through them.  That is why Baba says: ‘Come to Madhuban to be refreshed; become like full clouds and go and shower. Wherever a worship-worthy soul goes, everyone feels cool – the atmosphere totally changes. They have no questions.  So the 8 become the 8 by just looking at Baba; the 108 become part of the rosary by having faith.


Q. When you do charitable actions, you get the power to have yoga with Baba. What obstacles do we often not notice, which cause us to lose the power to connect with Baba?


A.   God is the Almighty Authority and, when the soul takes power from the Supreme and comes into action, those actions become powerful.  Some actions I perform are ‘neutral actions’ (akaram), because I am totally beyond the consciousness of performing that action – it is as if God has performed that action through me. Such actions are extremely elevated actions.  God is Akarta and Abhogta (the One who is beyond experiencing). If I perform actions against the maryadas and create reasons and excuses, the account of actions I create will be negative, so I have to be very careful and perform every action according to Baba’s teaching.  When I perform actions with caution according to shrimat, I feel I haven’t performed those actions, Baba has and so I do them as ‘akarta’.  I get power from those actions and others see the fruit of them.  Baba says he is Karankaravanhar and then says He is ‘Akarta’ and ‘Abhogta’.  He never asks us to worship Him. Those who have taken sustenance from Baba have to give the return by giving to others through good actions. When I perform good actions in that way, I am pulled to more positive things.  All the centres have been opened on the basis of others seeing the practical proof of pure actions in our lives.  


Om shanti.