Senior Brothers Bhatti

Where there is zeal and enthusiasm, success is guaranteed.


If you are not able to experience success in all that you do, check if you are filled with enthusiasm or not. Also find out the reason for not being enthusiastic. This helps you to realize and overcome your weakness. In order to increase your own enthusiasm throughout the day, create an aim for yourself and see that you work towards this aim each day. When you find yourself progressing towards the aim you will become enthusiastic.





Heal the rifts in your soul that have been caused by toxic relationships in the past.


Instead of rehashing the past, revisit the past with understanding. Can you learn anything from those relationships? Did you in any way allow or prolong the toxic behaviour? Were there any unfair expectations?


Open your heart and forgive yourself and the other person. Heal your heart, so that you're able to leave the past relationships in the past and move on.