GOD is my dear Father

Effort of the week  18-09-2011



I am GOD’s child, being sustained by Him on His lap.

Give commentary to yourself such as… “GOD whom lakhs of souls are searching for, doing all kinds of worshipping, is my Father. He has found me and adopted me His child. Wah my great fortune… wah… GOD Himself is making me walk by holding my hand… decorating me with knowledge, virtues and powers.”


Yoga Practice:

1. I am seated in front of my Father in the Supreme abode. He is sending me to the Earth to give Godly message by filling me with all powers and divine virtues.

2. Baba says, “Child, now I have become old… you take over my seat. I am seated on Baba’s seat and giving vibrations to the whole world as Baba gives.”

3. Before every thought, word and action, check whether that is same as the Father? If yes, then go ahead. Else, abandon it.

Point of Inculcation:

Follow the Father by being an obedient child .

Whatever is the Father’s thought, so is that of the child. Whatever are the virtues of the Father, so is that of the child.

This is called “Follow the Father”. The best place in confluence age is Baba’s heart throne.

Only the obedient children can occupy that seat.

Point of Churning:

1. How a Godly child should be and should not be?

2. What are the rights and responsibilities of a Godly child?

3. How will the thoughts, words and actions of a Godly child be?


For the Effort Makers:

Dear Effort Makers, we can never get direct sustenance from GOD as the Father throughout the entire Cycle. At every life we get physical human being as father. But, only during this new life of confluence age, we are getting love and sustenance from GOD Himself as the Father. Are we aware of this elevated fortune?


The Month of experiencing Relations 18-09-2011 

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