September 25, 2011

What is Time? It is now, this moment. And yet time has been defined as ‘forever’: that which has no beginning and no end.

The cycle of time continues to turn from day to night and then the day again. In this way time itself is eternal. It never stops or starts, but it just is.

Times never stands still. It moves like the seasons, from the summer of time, to the spring, autumn and then the winter. After the darkness of winter, the sparkle of spring will definitely follow. And so with time: the time of golden, silver, copper and then that of iron. From lightness to dark then lightness once again, and in between all the various shades of grey.

As time moves, it pull the state of human consciousness along with it. From a pure and enlightened consciousness, through its various stages, until human consciousness reaches a the state of total ignorance. And then with time the transformation from ignorance back to enlightenment once again.

So what is the season of time now?  and what is time calling me to do?


Om Shanti

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