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Brahma Baba became equal to Shiv Baba; he had no examples to follow, he just followed shrimat.
He showed us the path to reach the elevated goal of becoming equal to Baba.
Let us see what are the qualities we have to re-emerge now. 
1. becoming a master ocean of love
2. being a detached observer
3. able to merge others' sanskars
4. an embodiment of knowledge (knowledge about the self, Baba, and Drama)
5. giving regard to every actor of this drama.
6. giving happiness to all.
Brahma Baba had to encounter all types of obstacles, but he emerged victorious. So, whenever we come across any obstacle (including Maya) let us not complain but continue to make effort with the firm faith that we became victorious every kalpa. Thus we can become equal to the father.