How can I develop a big heart?


A big heart starts developing in the soul when the soul starts churning and sharing. When someone does this they start to understand and experience that even though I am giving away my treasures, there is no question of them decreasing. In fact, they increase. The more we give, the bigger the heart becomes. Baba’s treasure store is full and we by filling the self with knowledge and donating it we become free from the clutches of death. When my own treasure store is full of the jewels of knowledge I will never fear death. The words ‘I die’ will never touch my lips.

A big heart is one with God’s love in it. A big heart is full of knowledge and through sharing that knowledge the soul becomes very happy. It is as if everything becomes natural for the soul. As the soul keeps donating it becomes a blessed soul. It is not only the Dadis who can be blessed souls. First the soul becomes a donor, then a great donor…. As we continue to be donors, we start to feel that we are blessed and so it is not really a matter of doing anything. In order to donate one needs good sanskaras. Some have very good sanskaras of donating. They really want to help others and for everything to be used in a worthwhile way. They feel that they have a great deal and thus wish to share. It is not just a matter of donating money but virtues are also ours to give. When Baba was in sakar he told me that I was a donor of virtues. I thought about this and realised that the donation of virtues is a very big donation indeed. There is a subtle philosophy: by seeing virtues, virtues come to me. By seeing defects, defects come to me. In fact, one with a satopradhan intellect sees only virtue. If you see someone’s defects and speak about them you are doing the opposite of donating. It is actually a sin to do this. In the Golden Age actions are neutral actions. In the Iron Age they are negative actions but at the Confluence our actions should be such that we are accumulating. At the Confluence we can become donors and great donors through our thoughts, words and actions. In fact, what does a donor do? He doesn’t do much. He spreads his pure vibrations, his virtues and his specialities. Even just through his presence he is able to do that. It is a natural process. Just as Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba donate in an unlimited way, so too when their children keep looking at them they also donate in an unlimited way. Then anyone who comes in front of them also ‘becomes’. So do you feel that you have become a donor, a great donor and a bestower of blessings, who blesses all? Wherever that soul puts his foot, everyone is salvaged.

First of all we need to keep the aim to become complete. One who keeps the aim to become complete will say, “Baba said it and I will do it”. It is as if it is already done and thus it is easy. The first step in becoming complete is to stop seeing the defects of others.

We used to think that sinful actions were on a gross level such as cheating and stealing but in Brahmin life things become more subtle. To hate someone is a sinful action. To look at someone with hatred is a wrong action. If someone looks at me with wrong drishti and I am affected that is not a correct action. If someone dislikes me and looks at me with hatred then I will return the look and that exchange will become the give and take of sorrow. If I really want to become complete then I will remain aware that Baba should be in my eyes and I should be in Baba’s eyes. Whoever I look at should be able to see Baba through these eyes.

In this Yagya I have to stay content and everyone should be content with me. To pass with honour, it is essential to be free from desires. I need to become simple and thus a sample. The quality of my thoughts should be royal and the power of truth should be filled in them. I don’t have to create a lot of my own thoughts. I have to become Baba’s toy so that he can move me in which way He knows best. I should also make Him my toy. In this way I am just moved by Baba and I can stay fresh and thus can refresh others.

Just as a helium balloon goes up and carries many with it, I have to stay up. Let Baba launch you up and keep you up. When a balloon is up then others can see it and the words of advertising written on it from a distance. Large numbers of people can see a helium balloon when it is flying high and is very colourful. All are attracted to it. So let Baba make you into a flying balloon. Don’t just be a star for Baba, rather become a sun of knowledge. The sun gives light all the time. 24 hours a day… It radiates light and warmth. What do I have to do to become a sun? If you become free from obstacles then you will become a sparkling star. To be a Sun you have to fill yourself with knowledge, become a donor, a great donor and one who gives blessings to everyone..

Dadi Janki


26th November 2011 – Gyan Sarovar