Ultimate Beautician

Dadi Janki – 4th December 2011 – History Hall

Baba is the ultimate beautician!

There is a great difference in how our lives were yesterday and how they are today. God has given us a gift to live life in this way. There are 5 things in life: the self, time, the Father, service and relationships. Baba has filled everything with spirituality and thus, our lives have become so light that we are able to give others that light. Only light can give light. When we all sit in the power of silence, we are able to spread light and might through silence. Now take yourself into the experience of being totally light. Remain aware of you incorporeal form and make this a natural awareness – just as the awareness of the body has become natural. Though I am in the body, I remain in the incorporeal stage. I am just on this earth as an instrument but I remain in the awareness that I am a spiritual being. This is essential.

When I use time in the right way then time is happy. When I remain in the awareness of the self and time then the Father becomes happy with me and service becomes filled with happiness. The power of faith gives the feeling that whatever service I am doing will be successful. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in this knowledge but if you use the right method that Baba has given you can easily reach the destination. If you keep taking the wrong path then you will become tired. It doesn’t matter how much service you are doing but the focus should be on yoga and gyan. Whilst doing seva I have to remain as an image of tapasya. If you don’t do this you will feel that the service you are doing is not successful.

What is the greatest feeling of all? It is of just sitting with Baba. Why? Because Baba is always good. Brahma Baba’s face is always good – his face is so attractive. It is his face that can change our faces. Sitting face to face with Baba makes a face spirituality beautiful. Going to Baba is like going to a beautician. In fact, beauty is an inner aspect: the heart, the mind and intellect are what become beautiful. When I place my hand on my heart then my mind can become deeply introspective. If I don’t keep going deep inside and freeing my intellect from everything else then my face wilts. When we go deep inside then we can connect with God. If not, the mind remains on a superficial level and wanders around trying to fulfil its own desires.

Open your third eye and realise what you have received. Don’t make yourself unhappy by staying in a state of body consciousness. Remember that the mind is like a horse and the reins are the intellect. I have to use my intellect to keep my horse in my control. One who drives a horse and carriage needs to have total control and he needs to be very wise. He won’t beat his horses with a whip, although he may hold a whip. He will just use the string at the end of the whip to warn the horses. Dadi learnt a lot by looking at the way her carriage driver guided the horses.

We have to guide our mind to become Manmanabhav. We haven’t now to get caught in anything old: nature, sanskaras, the body or relationships. Don’t give excuses in an aspect. Every day check: how am I thinking, how am I speaking, how am I acting…? From my sleep I am able to tell what kind of stage I have.

Baba, The Sculptor, chips and chips away at us every day with great love, to make sure that we, the living images, are worthy to be placed in a temple. Hundreds of thousands should be able to see that we are living images even from a distance. Baba told us that He goes around at amrit vela looking at all of us. Dadi wonders how Baba does this according to the time difference! In fact, in the incorporeal world there is no time so Baba is not bound by time. He is present all the time and in the same way we have to become present in front of Him all the time.

I am Baba’s child and as a child I have to be an obedient child. An obedient child receives extra love from the Father. I am also His student and so I have to study day and night. It is essential to make time for this. In order to make good effort I have to remain in solitude so that I can have concentration. Stability then comes. I can then bring into practice what Baba says and the feeling comes that I am a good student. It is the Confluence Age, I am holding Baba’s hand, everything is as it should be…

In a large gathering there will be some who create mischief but if the majority living together harmoniously then that is the impression people will go away with.

Om Shanti