The more you love God, the more you will surrender

Each of our days since we came to Baba has become very wonderful. We have spent so many lovely days with Baba. How does Baba satisfy every soul? It is through His drishti. Baba not only teaches us but He has given us very good sustenance. By saying, “My child, my child” He has liberated us from the bondages of Maya. It is the various types of illusion that Maya creates that don't allow us to belong totally to God. By belonging to God we receive the inheritance of the land of liberation and liberation in life. At this time in the cycle there are various types of bondage in life but Baba has shown us to be liberated from all of them.

The more love there is for Baba in your heart, the more you will be able to surrender. Love is then not just spoken of in words but it is that love which satisfies the soul. To die alive, that is to surrender, is to finish all the arrogance of the body and all the weaknesses. To die means to live again. In the physical life it takes time to die and then to take rebirth but here we die to all that is old and take birth to all that is new very quickly. In fact, it just takes a second. Baba is creating many new children and it is our task to take care of them. Our study is such that we have to study until we die. We don't have to remember anyone else. Do you study the Murli with the aim of imbibing the points? Each day's Murli is very special. Each day's Murli is full of new points.

Have you become the garland around Baba's neck or are you just thinking of becoming that? Do you say, “My Baba and none other”?  Is this the determined thought you keep? He is mine in every relationship: Mother, Father, Friend, Beloved…  Have you kept Baba in your heart? Did you keep Baba in your heart or did Baba Himself sit in there? Make Baba yours in such a way that you never feel you are alone. For this, yes, you will have to make effort to stay in remembrance. Baba practically teaches us how to live but then He doesn't go away like other teachers do. He stays with us in a variety of relationships. He is also the Satguru.

When we say, “Mother or Father”, there is a great feeling of sweetness. He then becomes the Teacher and teaches us. When He gives blessings He becomes the Satguru. Of course, Baba also has the form of Dharamraj with Himself. At the time of the role of Dharamraj He will not be able to show any mercy to the soul. At the moment He is speaking to us so sweetly but at that time He will not be able to show that sweetness. So now is the time to wash the self with Lux soap (the soap of keeping the Laksh, the aim), becoming totally clean and reaching the perfect stage.

Om Shanti

Dadi Janki – 31st January 2012 – Shantivan