Shiva Jayanti Celebration at Gyan Sarovar

B.K. Janki:

Our pure bhavna/feeling needs to reach every soul we interact with, even if it's just through subtle vibrations. Their sorrow, accounts, fluctuation in stage cannot and should not affect us. These cannot change my attitude towards them, or weaken my support in anyway. We have to work according to our pure feelings alone and nothing else. Dadi experiences the wonder of this many times in her correspondence: emails may reach their destination later on but Baba's power through Dadi's bhavna reaches souls instantly and comforts/heals them.
When we are worthy and follow Baba's shrimat, we receive His blessings. My duty is to become complete and equal to the Father, thereby prepare the self for Karankaravanhar to work through me. And further, I cannot help but share my good fortune, my blessings and good wishes with others by cooperating with them, and helping them forward in their spiritual progress. This is the beautiful, fulfilling process of Duvaye Lena, Duvaye Dena (Receiving and Giving Good Wishes).