It's time to finish waste and to make the best use of time

Baba tells us to become soul conscious every day. As we become soul conscious we detach from the organs of the body. Yet again and again the soul comes into body consciousness by keeping the old awareness that this body is 'mine’. It is this word 'mine’ that pulls the soul down again and again into body consciousness. Baba tells us that the way to transform all the old limited 'mines’ is to say 'my Baba’. Not just to say it from the mouth but I have to learn to say 'my Baba’ very honestly from my heart. Something that is truly 'mine’ can never be forgotten. If you really come into the awareness that Baba is mine then you will be always happy. You will feel so close to Him. Not only this but you will realise the type of inheritance you are receiving. There is a guarantee of 21 lives without sorrow and worry… This is a very short age and each second of the Confluence is equal to a year of the rest of the cycle.

This is why again and again Baba is pulling our attention to our time and our thoughts. If you truly realise this you will not want to waste even a second. If you don’t waste even a second then you will be happy. That which we could not receive during the whole cycle, we receive now. This is because Baba has come. Yes, He has come for the world but He has also come for me personally. We have received the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. We have now received the light and might of the whole cycle. The sign of God’s love is everything He gives us now: the teachings, the inheritance, the light and might, the experiences… There is so much benefit in remembering Baba and this is why we have to pay attention to remembrance. My remembrance of Baba has to be so deep and true that I actually merge in His love. Baba has love for every child, not just for some. He doesn’t just have love for those who do service. He has so much love that He wants every child to move forward. If I were to ask Baba what wish He has for the children He would reply that He wishes each child to fulfil His hopes. And His hope for each one is that they will become equal to Him. The meaning of this is that the soul needs to become complete and perfect. The biggest obstacle in this is waste thoughts. It is easier to stop negative thoughts than to stop waste. However, waste thoughts create a burden within the soul and it is this burden that makes a soul distressed and leads to depression. Any type of a burden on the soul will definitely upset the soul. This is why Baba has given us the homework to finish waste thoughts. He has given us two months to finish waste thoughts. To receive the prize Baba has promised for this would not be a small thing!

It doesn’t matter what activity you may be engaged in but Baba wants me to become equal to Him. Brahma Baba was also in the physical form. From some of the photos of Brahma Baba we can see his concentration power. Until the last day, we saw this. He sat with his legs crossed in such an attentive way. Nowadays everyone wants a cushion but Baba was totally different. He was very simple. He had so many responsibilities but he remained totally cool. He had so much faith in Shiv Baba that he surrendered everything he had. He would say again and again, „Shiv Baba is doing everything”. Who could take so much responsibility for everyone’s life? In all the years I saw Baba I never saw him with a wilted face. He was always cheerful. So from this each one of us can see that it is possible to remain happy and to give happiness.

When I was young Baba taught us to look at the forehead of each one and see only the soul. He made this practice very deep and firm within us. We would only look at the forehead and speak to the soul. He would call us his 'thakur’ – his living images… He would tell us that we would become deities in the future… Baba never scolded any of us. If any of we young children did anything naughty he would tell us to sit in the corner for half an hour. He loved us a lot and it was through that love he made us worthy. He would say 'good morning’ and 'good night’ to each of us. We could feel the depth of his love.

So now, according to the time, Baba has told us that we cannot afford to waste our time or thoughts. This is the short period in which to earn the fruit we will eat for 21 births. Each one has a chance for this right now. This is why we cannot waste time now. Saying 'my Baba’ brings us into close relationship and connection with Baba and makes everything easy for us.
Dadi Gulzar – 1st February 2012 – Shantivan
Om Shanti