Tribute to Sr. Wajeeha

She was loved by God and therefore also loved by everyone. It is the luck of her relatives that she forged their connection. She was number one in using everything in a worthwhile way and enabling others to do the same. BaapDada (19.02.2012)

Many of you have known our dear Sister Wajeeha who was our Vice President and one of the founders of Bahrain Meditation Centre. Sr. Wajeeha passed away after her illness due to cancer on 19th Feb, 2012 in Kuwait, she has touched many lives in a very deep way. Sr. Wajeeha will be remembered for her unique personality, characteristics and traits.

We will be holding a special Tribute to Sr. Wajeeha Al-Habib. You are invited to be inspired by her life's journey on Friday, 24th February at the Bahrain Meditation Centre (Bait Al Salaam) from 6.30pm to 8:00pm.

Om Shanti

Dr Ebrahim Al Dossary