What harm do waste thoughts cause us while making efforts?

Waste thoughts prevent us from linking our intellect with the Father; even against our conscious wish, the intellect becomes attached to something or another.

What is wasting?

If someone continuously repeats the things of the past, that is called wasteful.

Why do we have waste thoughts?

Sanskars of the old world emerge as waste thoughts.

What is the method to become free from such sanskars?

I have to finish them while they are thoughts. If these thoughts do emerge, I do not give them space to sustain themselves.

I finish the thoughts whilst they are still in thought form then the old sanskars will not emerge even in thoughts.

What is the result when we waste our treasure of thoughts?

We are not able to create the stage that we want to. Waste thoughts weaken our intellects and stage.

Why in general do we have waste thoughts?

The main reason for having waste thoughts is that we lack the treasure of knowledge which we receive from the Father every day.

What would be said of those who are instruments for such a huge task and who yet remain idle, having waste thoughts?

Either they don’t have knowledge of their task, or they don’t have knowledge of how to organise themselves,

or they don’t have the knowledge of setting their timetable.

Just as I fix a program for the physical things that I have to do during the day, in the same way, I also fix a program for what I have to do for God, then there will be no time for waste thoughts.

Not using the blessings of the confluence age is also wasting them.

May you be an image of virtues and stay in your highest stage with the constant awareness of your royal clan.

May you be an embodiment of power and sacrifice all your weaknesses out of love.

May you be an intense effort-maker who sees the diamond and plays a hero part in this diamond age.

May you be an easy effort-maker and become an all-rounder by imbibing the essence of every situation.

May you be constantly powerful and finish the weight of waste with churning power.

May you be victorious through the practice of the soul conscious stage and being bodiless at the time of upheaval everywhere.

May you be a charitable soul and keep your record of giving regard very good and give the great donation of happiness.

May you be merciful, the same as the Father, and do service at a fast speed through your mind.

May you be simple and a sample and reveal greatness through your ordinariness.

May you be soul conscious and have love with pure and positive thoughts for all souls.

May you be completely pure and be innocent of the knowledge of vices and a saint in knowledge.

May you be a master creator and with the awareness of your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune remain free from all confusion.

May you become constantly full of all powers by understanding the importance of early morning hours and by using that time accurately.

May you be a worthy teacher and make the seed of every deed fruitful.

May you invoke divine virtues and become one with divine virtues and thereby finish all defects.

May you be an intense effort-maker and crosses any mountain of problems with your flying stage.

May you be full of all powers and experience equality as a return of love.

May you be one who stays in solitude and finds a solution in a second to every problem with the power of silence.

May you be an intense effort-maker who remains ever ready by considering every moment to be the final moment.

May you be completely pure and realise your eternal and original, real form.

May you be a true tapaswi whose mind and intellect sit on the seat of a constant and stable stage.

May you be free from obstacles and set your mind and intellect on the seat of experience with the practice of concentration.

May you be double light and make difficult tasks easy with the constant awareness of the combined form.

May you be an avyakt angel and bodiless and with powerful brakes go beyond gross feelings in a second.

May you be full of all attainments and have the imperishable stamp of courage and enthusiasm with your stage of having died alive.

May you be one who uplifts all and with the awareness of your birth in which you have died alive, transform any bondage of karma into a relationship.

May you finish the complaint of waste thoughts by remaining constantly busy and become completely karmateet.

May you be a donor and become a great donor and generous hearted who donates at every second and through every thought.

May you be a knowledgeable soul who listens to the deep things of knowledge and who puts them into your practical form.

May you be a spiritual server who becomes a spiritual rose and spreads spiritual fragrance far and wide.

May you be an embodiment of remembrance and a conqueror of attachment who transforms your limited responsibilities into unlimited ones.

May you be free from worry and carefree and with the awareness of the Father’s hand and His company, make the difficult things easy.

May you become an immortal image and gain victory over all adverse situations with the facilities for spiritual progress.

May you be a true server who achieves success in service through your renunciation and tapasya.

May you be an image that grants visions and transforms the vision and attitude of many souls with your pure vision.

May you have faith in the intellect and transform with benevolent feelings the sanskars of all souls.

May you be filled with eight powers and make your stage elevated according to the time and the circumstances.

May you be a holy swan who picks up pearls of virtues by remaining stable in a constantly pure form.

May you be an easy and constant yogi who stays on the lotus seat while performing every action.

May you be a lamp of the clan who glorifies the name of the Godly clan with the awareness of your light

May you become a world benefactor who transforms wasteful thoughts and sanskars by being one who knows the past, present and future.

May you be sensible and do three types of service simultaneously and thereby become an embodiment of success.

May you be a true yogi and a co-operative soul who has yoga with the one Father and receives co-operation from everyone.

May you be an image of support and upliftment and, like the father, make your every action a memorial.