Purity of spirit is a beaufiful state of being. It comes when I am willing to open my soul completely to the pure energy of God and let all the vestiges of negativity within me be gradually washed away. As purity incrases, thoughts become simpler, fewer and infused with love and compassion for everyone I meet. Pure thoughts have remarkable power. Plans made in such a state of benevolence are blessed with success.

Dadi Janki: Pocket Book on Virtue, 2002


Purity is mother of happiness, peace, love and bliss. Purity is the true decoration of human life. If there is no purity, human life has no value. You can see deites are pure and this is why they are worthy of woship. When there is no purity, you can see human life of today.

BapDada gave all of you children this blessing for your brahmin life: May you be pure, may you be yogi. The activity, behaviour and face of a soul who has purity sparkles. This is why purity is that which makes your life elevated. In fact, original form of all of you children is purity. Your eternal form is also purity. The speciality of such souls is that the personality of purity is always visible in their life. The reality of purity and the royalty of purity is visible on the face and in the activity of such souls. There lines are the decrations of your life.

Reality is:”I, the soul, in my original and eternal form.” By having this awareness you become powerful. Royalty is: you have your self-respect and you move along giving respect to everyone. Personality is: to have constant contentment and happiness. You yourself are content and you make all others content.”

Avyakt BapDada: Together with teachings, also adopt forgivness and mercy. Give blessings and receive blessing and your home will become an ashram, 04.09.2005  


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