An old scripture

Beinecke MS 416 is a late thirteenth-century or early fourteenth-century collection of such didactic diagrams from the Cistercian abbey of Kamp in western Germany.

It is composed of eight folios of figures that, when found in combination, are often called the Speculum theologiae.

Below diagrams: Tree of virtues and Tree of vices 


The pot below the tree of virtues claims that „humility is root of the virtues.” The inscription below asserts, „The tree of joy does not bear bitter fruit. But, extending itself abundantly, it bears the knowledgeable to celestial things.” Moving up the tree from humility, the initial inscription states that the first four branches signify the way toward life. The four theological virtues (prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude) provide the categories under which subordinate virtues are arranged. The next inscription on the trunk states that the upper three branches denote the fruits of the spirit. The three cardinal virtues (faith, charity, and hope) serve as the overarching categories for this tier.





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