Opening of Big Kitchen, Shiv Bhole Nath ka Bhandara

13 April morning was the inauguration of Baba’s newly built Bhandara at the hands of our Dadis and seniors. It was wonderful to have 1600 of Baba’s main instruments give their good wishes too. It is a massive complex in itself with more than 90,000 sq ft built-up area and capacity to cook for 50,000 people every day! There will also be a bakery, two dining halls, and store rooms apart from the usual set-up.

Yesterday morning, a variety of short video clips on service projects and programmes carried out by Baba’s various retreat places and main zones (over the past year) were shown. Thoughts on keeping systems in place and the family united are being shared too. Today is the last day of the Annual Service Meeting.

Dadi’s jewels from the heart:

The key lies in keeping the heart full with spiritual love. This ensures defects don’t remain within me, and I don’t see weaknesses in others. Let our chitt remain clean, thinking elevated and pure. Success in service is definite where there the intention is filled with bhavna (pure feelings).

When the family lives as one, that would be a true celebration of Platinum Jubilee. The values that keep this family together are 'economy’, 'eknami (the name of One)’, 'ekanth priya (interest and love for solitude)’, 'ekta me laana (ability to unite everyone)’. Dadi was sharing in the Meeting that she would like to create a Wing of her own, where souls with this deep interest in purusharth like Dadi could join. There is nothing in our minds but self-progress, service and good relationships. We are a gathering of angels for whom service is just a game.

It always give Dadi great intoxication to emerge the awareness of being roots of the Tree; with knowledge of the Seed and Tree we remain focused on tapasya. We are successful in the journey of life only when we give value to shrimat. Our bags and baggage have been transferred; as trustees we practise constantly the videhi stage through the power of yoga. And then, the five elements act as our companion and support us tirelessly. This is the final stage of Rajyoga…

Dadi remembers three words very often:

– 'Akarta’ – while carrying out a task, let there be no conscious feeling of 'I am doing’
– 'Abhogta’ – let there be no feeling of praise or defamation, or desire for reward or recognition
– 'Asochta’ – many wonder 'how can we not think when we have responsibilities to fulfill?’ The power lies in not thinking waste; the plan in fixed in drama; Karankaravanhar is doing what needs to be done; we have to be ever-ready to take guidance and signals, and not mix our intentions or thoughts with limitedness.