7 Keys of Happiness – BK Jayanti

Seven Keys of Happiness by B.K. Jayanti.

1st Key – Responsibility.
2nd Key – Choice.
3rd Key – Uniqueness.
4th key – Treasures Within.
5th key – Connecting with the Divine.
6th Key – Share your Happiness.
7th key – Recognition of Time.

Is Brahma Kumaris a Religion?
How Long Will It Take To Be Happy using the Seven Keys? Is there a Right and Wrong or only Lessons to Be Learned?
Do You Believe In A Common Destiny? How Can You Respond with Happiness To Calamity, Armageddon, Revelation?
Father Gregory from St. Johns Church asks
What is the Cause of Evil in Man?
Can Man save himself to find Peace and Happiness?

This remarkable speaker and BBC broadcaster from London, B.K. Jayanti Kirplani, and Raja Yogi of more than 40 years offers her clear and readily accessible spiritual and practical wisdom and unlocks the Seven Keys to Happiness. B.K. Jayanti Kirplani is a consummate public speaker and being present at her talk in Cebu and making this recording has been a privilege. B.K. Jayanti presented to an A list VIP group at Cebu city’s exclusive venue the Casino Espanol De Cebu. Those in attendance were from diverse backgrounds; Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Business People, Religious, Social Civic groups and Media. There was a light and peaceful atmosphere experienced by all those in attendance. This is the video recording of that evening in Cebu and presented in 13 sections.
Seven Keys To Happiness an evening with BK Jayanti
on her tour to Cebu City in the southern Philippines, September 2009.