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Notice how you automatically begin to feel more relaxed and in control of your life, the moment you realise you have choices?
If someone tells you you must do the morning shift, you’ll probably resent and possibly even resist this command. However, if they say, 'You can have the morning or the late night shift,' you’ll feel more comfortable with the morning one. Why? Because you felt you had a choice.
This is a ton of research that shows how people who feel they have some choice in their circumstances are often healthier, happier and more satisfied than those who feel otherwise. Research also shows that this feeling is influenced more from attitude than from actual events.
Most of the time you DO have some control over whether you feel happy or unhappy, tense or relaxed, content or depressed, even well-off or poor. It comes down to a choice on how you look at it it.
The easiest demonstration of this is the choice to be calm. Simply saying, 'I choose to be calm' starts the ball rolling. If you try it a few times, you’ll see what I mean.'
Paul Wilson   blog