The value of purity

Dadi Janki, 1st May 2012, GCH, London

Who has seen tomorrow? Is there something you still need to do in your life? Then do it now. There is absolutely no guarantee for tomorrow. It is not a matter of age; death can come at any moment. I have to prepare for it now. I have to prepare in such a way that I don’t experience any sorrow at the time of leaving the body and I don’t experience sorrow when someone else leaves the body. This is what the people of the world don’t know about. This is what Baba is teaching us. It is our honour that whilst living in the household we remain pure, yogi and co-operative with the Yagya. Only Baba can give the sword of knowledge which is placed between husband and wife. There is the sword of knowledge and the armour of yoga. There is great safety in wearing the armour of yoga. There is a great deal of power in purity. Without purity you cannot have yoga and you cannot receive power. Imbibe purity deep inside the self. Purity cleans the soul in such a way that it is able to have yoga. If there is even the slightest mischief of impure drishti or an impure attitude then you will not be able to connect and have yoga. You cannot thus accumulate power and your sins are not absolved.

Each one individually has to make effort. Baba wants us to understand what the power of yoga through purity is. If there is even the slightest uncleanliness inside then you cannot have yoga. It is through purity that the soul has yoga, its sins are destroyed and it receives the power to perform elevated actions. When there is purity the soul receives power at every moment. The soul receives the strength to do service. In fact, whoever you have yoga, you spend your life with. You can spend your whole life with God now if you wish!

Baba gives us such a deep experience through the avyakt form that He pulls us like a magnet. God’s power works like a magnet and the soul feels it is being pulled. However, a magnet can only pull a needle without rust on it. Anything that is rusty is of no use. A car becomes rusty when it is not cared for. The soul becomes rusty by being careless and making mistakes. Anything that is rusty needs its rust removed. Thus we need to take care: the soul gets coloured by the company it keeps. The mind gets influenced by the food we eat. We should keep silence whilst preparing, serving and eating food. Don’t go in the dining room to chat with someone. Don’t do any other activity whilst working with food. We are eating food from Baba’s Bhandara – have regard. These are such lovely days when Shiv Baba is with us… have regard… We are working with God… we have to give others that feeling and they will get experiences and want to do the same.

The directions God is giving for us to experience liberation and salvation are totally unique. God is ready to help. Our ears have opened, our eyes have opened, our intellects have opened and we have the key to open the intellects of others. That key is all the powers. Remain in front of God and the word ‘difficult’ cannot arise. Difficulties disappear when they see that someone is maintaining the awareness of being a child of God. How can any situations remain in front of a master almighty authority child, one who has the power of yoga? With this awareness nothing seems a big deal. If you keep collecting things in your intellect how can you live? How can you sleep? If you collect things in your intellect you will also share them. Dreams are closely connected to nature, sanskaras and relationships. My nature, sanskaras and relationships emerge in my dreams. During a dream you feel it is reality. My dreams should be such that during them I just give happiness and take happiness. Let me be a remover of sorrow during my dreams also. Bad dreams are a sign of having made mistakes. Thus, I have to be very careful so that I have only good dreams. It may be that you are wasting your time or speaking of wasteful things but it will all emerge as negative dreams. Our dreams are a reflection of our practical lives. Dreams reveal what is going on in your life. It is time to leave all types of battling. I should not now need to battle with myself or quarrel with others. If you are still involved in this activity it is actually a sign that you could end up as part of the Moon Dynasty Kingdom. When there is still some type of discrimination connected to the body (nationality etc.) then it means that spirituality is lacking. It means that true love is missing. When there is truth in the soul you can understand what true love is. In the world today much love is selfish love; trying to get something for the self, trying to please someone, attachment… Love means to remain light and experience the might of the One up above. The soul then has victory. Until you become detached from the body you cannot experience victory. Love is that which is forever.

The destination is very high. To offer special hospitality to someone because you subtly want something is a sign of corruption. To expect hospitality is also a sign of corruption. We are yogis – we don’t need to get involved in any type of corruption. God is giving me everything. Think like this. Leave the words ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Revise the points of the Murli, you will then be able to stabilise yourself in a point form and look at everything from up above as a detached observer.

Om Shanti