A Spiritual Contest to Share Baba’s Message with the Whole World

An invitation from GIM (Global Integrated Media) to the BK community worldwide

For years, BapDada has been asking us to share His Message with the whole world, ensuring that no one can complain of never being told. India has moved forward and is now spreading a loud and clear message throughout India: ‘God Has Come’.

In other countries, we need a message that resonates with everyone, taking into account the various religions, cultures and social contexts. This initiative invites each of us to take a moment to consider WHAT THE Message could be? How can we reach billions of souls with one powerful message?HOW would we communicate it? Would we use pictures, sounds or other innovative ways?

The spiritual contest is simple: Submit an idea – detail WHAT THE message would be and HOW would you express it?

Although we all claim number one with our ideas… an international committee will select the most interesting ones, and the most brilliant ideas will be honoured in Madhuban in October 2012.

The categories (below) have been developed which suggest ways you can present THE Message. For some categories (such as video, performance, art, song or special projects), there is no need to actually create it; just provide a detailed description of the concept. However, when it comes to slogans, texts or poems, the actual wording is required.
Email your ideas Here including your full name, email address and the categories in which you want to enter your ideas. Your submission should be in English.

Email your ideas to themessage2012@gmail.com including your full name, email address and the categories in which you want to enter your ideas. Your submission should be in English.

Submissions due by 31 July, 2012.

How would you present Baba’s Message to the world?
Category 1: In a 30 second video clip
Category 2: In a 1-5 min video clip
Category 3: In a one paragraph text (less than 100 words)
Category 4: As a slogan / title
Category 5: As a story / poem (less than 500 words)
Category 6: Painting / drawing
Category 7: Song
Category 8: Special projects / campaigns/ Others


Baba has also mentioned that “our face, demeanor and happiness shows the Father.” Here is the real message.

We need to remember that God does not belong to Brahma Kumaris but to all humanity. This is “pure gyan.” Today’s Murli mentioned about God’s teaching: “My teaching for the world is that YOU ARE A SOUL.”

Here is my 20 cents worth of ideas:
1) A catchy phrase: ” You are an eternal, imperishable soul. Why do you die?.”
3) a LITTLE PROJECT: A website made with Adobe flash where the images of the world cycle and the history of humanity is being shown in 4 minutes or less. It has to be in MOVEMENT. The time for static pictures and projectors is over.
At the end of the show another catchy phrase: Times are changing. It is time for you to change. Stop “doing” but start “being” Ego-less.