BapDada's blessing for Dadi Janki via Dadi Gulzar

BapDada’s blessing for Dadi Janki via Dadi Gulzar

Supremely beloved sweet Dadi Jankiji of mine, I received your very sweet letter. I was busy in meeting
everyone here and you too were on a tour there and so I am writing to you Baba’s blessing for you today.
When Baba gives a message for you, you are always merged in Baba’s eyes at that time.
Baba gives you blessings with a lot of love.

Child, my specially beloved child, guru-bhai,
The image of the personality of purity.
The child is a world benefactor, one with unlimited feelings.
One who wins and has the birthright of number one.
One who is constantly faithful to One, economical,
and complete with the attitude of concentration and stability.
Giving this message, the Father merged you in His eyes.
I was happy just to be observing. Wah Dadi wahl

For everyone, Baba said: You have to become like this and it is through this that you will bring the
time of the completion close.

Sweet Dadi, everyone here is remembering you a lot and sending you lots of love and remembrance.
I am now meeting the teachers of all the centres individually and all of them are very happy.

Please give my remembrance to everyone.

Dadi Gulzar