Press Interview with Dadi Gulzar

How to make the mind our best friend

How do the Brahma Kumaris view the problems the world faces today?
We believe that all problems faced by all of us can be eradicated by enhancing values that strengthen character in all people. There is a well-known saying that ‘if character is lost, everything is lost’. Hence, our organisation gives utmost importance to building strong character and to peace. We believe that if peace is lost, everything becomes meaningless.
Hence, it is important to inculcate moral and spiritual values in people.You need to realise the true Self, your inner being. You have to understand that you are a soul, an energy expressing yourself through your body, playing various roles like those of mother, wife, boss or subordinate. We ought to realise that as energy we are healthy and efficient, and we can play any role perfectly.

What is the difference between the Brahma Kumaris and other schools of faith?

Ours is not a religious organisation. We do not claim to profess any religion. Religion or dharma means a path that you have chosen to live your lifestyle. What we see in Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and other religions is a set code of conduct or a path given by God through God-sent messengers according to the need of the time.

These helped in sustaining values and morals which led to certain levels of peace, love, and happiness in the world. According to the Brahma Kumaris, life means expressions and experiences of the soul through the body. We believe in ahimsa parmodharma which means non-violence at the thought level and not just words and action, which is achieved when you realise that you are a soul — an embodiment of peace. Whether it is peace, love or happiness, unless we are filled with these positive energies, it will not be possible to share it with others or spread it.
How do you initiate people into your organisation?

People from all walks of life and different religions have been following the Brahma Kumari way of life. Those who wish to join us are given an hour-a-day course, which lasts for seven days, which includes the knowledge of Self, the Supreme Soul, and the time.

Mostly, the courses are available to all without any fee. We also conduct seminars and lectures on self-management and stress-free living for multinational companies, colleges, schools and welfare organisations in India and abroad. Those who wish to know more come to the classes, meditate regularly, and adopt and imbibe the teachings based on their experience of self-transformation.

Tell us about communion with Shiva Baba?

It’s important to understand who Shiv Baba is. God is father; He is light and is accepted in all religions. God is one and He is the same for everybody. Also we have to understand that as sentient beings, we are souls; we are a subtle, invisible energy with divine qualities. God, our father, is also a soul, an invisible sentient energy, who is always pure and is an ocean of all divine qualities. Shiva means light; He is the bestower.
He is our father; hence we receive and inherit His qualities without even asking for them. When I’m conscious of my existence as a soul, I can experience whatever relationship I want with the Higher Consciousness. I can look at Him as a father, mother, companion or just friend. On the basis of this soul consciousness, I communicate with Him and experience unconditional love. It is like when we love someone we let him take over our life. Similarly, He takes over my life.
To Him, I tell all things, like we share everything with a friend, and just listen to what He has to say. I become a medium of communication for Him, so that He can share what He wants to with other children.
His love, peace, happiness, knowledge, bliss and power flows through me to others and I get benefitted first. I’m filled with these energies and hope that everyone can become as fortunate as I am.

How can I realise my inner potential?

You have to learn about your true Self. Only then, there is an access to your own strength and inner potential. So this Self-awareness is very important. For instance, a person is able to access knowledge related to medicine, and treat a disease or perform a surgery only when he is conscious that he is a doctor. With this consciousness and awareness, he can use his potential and capacity to the best of his ability. If there is memory loss, access to information is blocked; he won’t be able to help anyone, no matter how much others tell him that he is a doctor.

What is Raja yoga and how different is it from other forms of yoga?

In Raja yoga, there are no physical exercises and there is no chanting. There aren’t any special asanas either. You can sit in a comfortable position. Raja yoga is practised to channelise thoughts towards the Self and Supreme Soul. Yoga means connection; it means establishing a connection with the Self and with the Supreme Soul. By practise of this yoga, you gain control over your senses. You become a king, hence it is called Raja yoga.

How can we make the mind our best friend?

How do you treat your best friend? Give him time and never say that you are too busy. Very often, you drag your mind, even if it is suffering from stress and pain, because you have work to do and have to take care of others. Give your mind a few minutes, rest and let it heal itself.

Help him with the power of love from God through meditation; heal the wounds and scars by letting go of bad memories, and incidents, and people’s mistakes, by forgiving them. Don’t let what others say make you feel miserable.
Listen to your mind carefully; your inner voice can guide you, protect you from doing mistakes, nurture it with happy and positive thoughts. Good and positive information is the healthy food you give to your mind. Keep it healthy. Don’t make your mind fearful or angry with negative thoughts.
Can you suggest a few simple steps to overcome stress?

Believe in yourself; remember who you are and whose child you are. Always think that everything happens for the good. Remember, ‘This too shall pass’. Talk to the Self; invoke confidence to respond effectively. Accept everyone as they are and how they are. Read and listen to positive information.