Adi Ratan Brijshanta about Mamma

The Compassionate, All-forgiving & Loving Mother Saraswati

BK Dadi Brij Shantaji, from Pune:

Mama’s method of giving the knowledge had great impact, says Whoever she related the knowledge to was definitely influenced. My father and grandmother too visited Om Mandali daily to listen to the knowledge. During that time in Sindh, no one complained against the knowledge, Baba or Mama. It was only when the practice of celibacy became mandatory that the opposition began; until then, everyone praised and respected Om Mandali.


One day, we were in the tennis court when Mama started sharing knowledge. Mama said, “Listen Brij Shanta. Look here. Who is speaking to you? Who is giving you this knowledge? Who is standing in front of you?” Saying this, she began to gaze at me. Mama’s words and form gave me the practical experience of being in front of Baba. We never used to see Brahma Baba in an ordinary form; we believed Brahma Baba to be playing the corporeal role of the Incorporeal One. The word ‘Bap Dada’ was not used then. Incorporeal Shiv Baba was addressed as ‘Almighty Baba’ and corporeal one was called ‘Baba’. We understood they were separate entities but would experience them as being combined. When Mama spoke to me this way, I experienced the combined form of Baba within Mama. I then said, “Yes, Mama. I understand.”


Mama was very merciful. She did not accept that someone could only reform through punishment; Mama believed a person who repents over their mistake, that is, he or she realises their mistake and makes amends, is a good person and deserves forgiveness. Mama used to shower her love on such individuals. Everyday in Karachi, we used to wear our drill (exercise) uniform and go to the tennis court to exercise. Dadi Chandra Mani used to co-ordinate this drill, and Mama would accompany us occasionally. We used to wear shoes for these exercises. The day Mama came to observe us, I had worn my slippers instead of shoes. Mama asked me why I hadn’t worn shoes and I replied, “Mama, I didn’t wear them because my feet have been aching for the past 2-3 days.” But later on, my conscience began to bite because I lied to Empress Mama – my feet hadn’t been hurting that day and I could have worn shoes, but nonetheless I had lied to Mama. In those days, Baba used to tell us, “If someone makes a mistake, then he or she should forego the day’s breakfast or one meal as punishment. I remembered this direction and quickly served everyone and left (Dadi Atam Mohini and I had the duty of serving meals). We finished our duty by 8 a.m. and Mama came down from her room at 9 a.m. There used to be a bench kept downstairs where she would sit, with us sisters on the floor in front of her, and hold a court-like session. Everyone owned up to their mistakes. I too stood up and said that I had lied to Mama in the morning, which is why I punished myself. Mama asked me what mistake had been committed and which punishment was endured; I related everything to her. Mama asked, “Did you really not have breakfast? Mama too has not eaten yet. Come and have your breakfast with Mama.” I said, “No, Mama. I lied to you – let me go through my punishment.” Mama then said, “Brij Shanta, Mama would like to have breakfast with you today. Won’t you allow Mama to have breakfast with you?” Mama held my hand and took me along. “I will not leave you behind and have breakfast on my own” and she ended up feeding me. Thus, Mama was a compassionate and forgiving Mother, filled with parental affection.

I always saw Mama seated in the stage of ‘Manmanãbhav’. Whenever I looked at her, she always appeared to be in meditation and lost in intoxication. Mama’s way of looking, walking, speaking, smiling etc. was spiritually attractive in every respect. Mama’s levels of happiness and intoxication never decreased.

Babdada Tarha Ham Sabki Ati Pyari , Adi Ratan , Rajogini Dadi Brijshanta Ji 03/06/12 Shyam 7 p.m.
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