Beauty is an expression of truth

A beautiful person is the one who has the glow of spirituality. His or her life is the expression of the fragrance of truth. Untruth is ugly. Physical beauty is perishable, as we all know. The beauty of the self or soul is eternal and lives its life through truthful actions. When we know ourselves the best, we become beautiful.

A mirror is what reflects beauty. If there were no mirrors people will not know for themselves how beautiful they are. So a thing that reflects beauty is itself most beautiful. To become a mirror is the most beautiful service of all.
Beauty of the self comes from virtues. Truly virtuous people are the most beautiful. It is a pleasure to watch them perform even the most mundane of chores because beauty always reveals itself through actions.

“Handsome is what the handsome does.” Is therefore, correctly said. Who can make us ever beautiful? One who has never lost His beauty is the One who can lead us to our beauty.

A creation well created is the joy for the creator. When God is our creator, in the sense that He re-creates us into images of perfect virtuous people, we become His joy forever! Hence a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Beauty when reflected through pure actions stays eternal.

The beauty of God is He is ever pure. When we lose our purity, physical and mental, we allow untruth to enter our lives, we base ourselves on false external supports and that is seen the ugliness of vices in our lives. On the other hand, God who is ever spirit, ever truth, cannot become impure.
Falsehood is what brings impurity and hence, ugliness.

Beauty is purity. The Supreme purity of God is what makes Him the Beautiful Traveler. He travels to our corporeal world once in a cycle and comes to make us beautiful once again. We have only to become clay in His hands, so that He moulds, sculpts us and return us back to our original beauty of being pure and virtuous deities.

By Prakash Talathi