7 Days Course contents

Introduction to Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya of Brahma Kumaris

(1) The aims and objects of this Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya

(2) The need for this Institution.

(3) What service is this Institution doing?

(4) Why is it called a ‘Vishwa-Vidyalaya’?

(5) The significance of the word ‘Brahma Kumaris’

(6) What is the proof that this Institution gives knowledge revealed by God Himself?

(7) When was this Institution established?

(8) The Daily Routine

(9) Does the Institution charge any fees?

(10) How does the Institution meet its expenses?

(11) What are the rules for Membership?

(12) Visitors’ Introduction Form

FIRST DAY: What am I?

(1) What am I?

(2) What is a soul? What are mind, intellect and samskarãs?

(3) Where in the body does the soul dwell?

(4) What is the form of the soul and where it has come from?

(5) Mystery of Three World revealed.

(6) Does the soul have physical rebirths?

(7) Does the soul remain in grave till the Day of Judgement?

(8) How is the World Population on the increase if souls are unborn?

(9) Body-consciousness is the root cause of all evils

(10) The Easy Way to Vicelessness

(11) The Way to attain Light and Might from God

(12) Summing up the First Lesson & Questions

SECOND DAY: Who is God? Has God any form? Can we see Him?

(1) Why are there divergent beliefs about God?

(2) Who is God and what divine form has He?

(3) The real meaning of the word ‘Nirãkãr’

(4) God, the Father, is not Omnipresent

(5) The Divine Name of God.

(6) The attributes of God and His relationship with other souls

(7) The Divine Abode of God

(8) If God is not Omnipresent, how is He All-Knowledgeful?

(9) If God is not Omnipresent, how does He create, sustain and destroy the world?

(10) God’s Knowledge is due to Prescience

(11) How does God create, sustain and destroy the World?

(12) Does, God not dwell in everybody?

(13) To consider God to be omnipresent in a serpent and a dog is to insult Him

(14) If mankind had known that Shiva is God, the World-History would have been different

THIRD DAY: What does God do and what does He not do?

(1) Is every event prompted by God?

(2) Was this world created by God?

(3) What part does God play in this Eternal World Drama?

(4) When does the world need God to act?

(5) Is it God who creates bodies and makes the rain fall?

(6) Was this world created by God?

(7) What part does God play in this eternal World Drama?

(8) When does the world need God to act?

(9) How does God transmute man into deity?

(10) God Creates Three Deities- Difference between Shiva and Shankara.

(11) The descent of God into the body of an incognito person

(12) The name of that person in whose body God Shiva embodies Himself

(13) The significance of the period, called the ‘Confluence Age’

(14) World-Destruction—when and how?

(15) How is the world sustained through Vishnu?

(16) The most esoteric knowledge about the identical repetition of World History

(17) The duration of one World-Cycle.

FOURTH DAY: God’s creation — The Human World depicted as an Inverted Tree

(1) History of Golden Age and Silver Age

(2) Establishment of other religions

(3) Short history of Iron Age

(4) Extreme decay of religion and the invention of Moosals or Missiles for the destruction of the world

(5) When does God incarnate and in what carnate form?

(6) What Period are we passing now?

(7) Does a soul ever merge in God?

(8) Shivaratri—The festival celebrated to commemorate God’s Divine Birth

(9) The Lessons we can draw from the explanation of the Kalpa Tree

FIFTH DAY: The story of rise and fall of human souls. Does a human soul transmigrate into animal species?

(1) Souls experience pain in Human species also

(2) There may be deficiency of organs in human species also

(3) Human souls do not transmigrate into other species to undergo reform

(4) As the seed, so is the fruit

(5) Man was never a beast, nor he can ever become a beast, but he has become worse than a beast

(6) Human soul can be intellectually a beast but not in physical form

(7) Continuous increase in human population disproves the theory of the change of species

(8) Newspaper reports

(9) The story of 84 lives of a human soul

(10) The True story of Satya Narayana

(11) Does the soul go to Heavenly Abode after death?

(12) What does ‘Marjeeva Janam’ mean?

SIXTH DAY: Revelations about the Real name of the Religion of the people of Bharat and their Scripture?

(1) The real name of the religion of the people of India

(2) The name of the scripture of followers of Adi Sanãtan Devi-Devatã Dharma

(3) Does Gita contain the Sermons of the deity Krishna or God Shiva?

(4) Did the God-Sermonizer of Gita goad Arjuna for a violent battle?

(5) Is it necessary to know who was the real Sermonizer of Gita?

(6) The harms because of ignorance about the Sermonizer of Gita?

(7) Why does a rosary contain 108 beads?

(8) What efforts have we to make now?

(9) Vaijayanti Mala or Rosary.

SEVENTH DAY: The ancient-most Easy Raja Yoga of India

(1) The meaning of ‘Yoga’

(2) The knowledge of our relationship with God

(3) What do we attain by having a link with God?

(4) Knowledge of our duty and of time helps us to be yogis

(5) We ought to know that God is the Bestower of Divine Wisdom and is the Saviour

(6) God is the most Beautiful Being

(7) Withdraw yourself from sense-organs like a tortoise

(8) Is Remembrance of God difficult to practice?

(9) How to Practice yoga?

(10) Spiritual Discipline or Divine Rules for a Yogi

(11) Brahmacharya or Celibacy

(12) ‘Righteous Food’

(13) Daily study of God’s Knowledge

(14) Righteous company

(15) Constant practice of Yoga

(16) Inculcation of Purity and Divine Virtues

(17) Various names of this yoga

(18) Contrast between this Yoga and other kinds of Yoga

EIGHTH DAY: Huge Contrast between the teachings of God and the teachings of men

(1) The benefit one gets by understanding the picture of Three Worlds

(2) The benefits one gets by learning about the Acts of God, and about the World-Wheel

(3) What do we gain by acquiring the knowledge of World Tree or Kalpa Tree?

(4) The use of knowing the story of 84 lives?

(5) The attainment that comes of understanding the name of our Religion and the Gita-Sermonizer

(6) The gain that accrues from the knowledge of the secret of the Rosary of 108 beads

(7) What leads us to believe that this Knowledge is being revealed by God Himself?

(8) Purity and Moral Excellence

(9) Feeling of spiritual brotherhood under Fatherhood of God

(10) Spiritual Elevation of women folk

(11) Bestowal of Divine Visions

A class at the Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya

Any recitation or chanting – The choice of Place and the Position of Eyes – No Outward Show – Other Aids – How Godly Knowledge is imparted at the class – A class on inculcation of Divine Virtues

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