value of sweetness

Sweetness means to maintain a positive internal attitude of goodwill towards others.

It means to express love and appreciation through pleasant words and a smiling face. Sweet people are without artifice, they are co-operative, light and generous. A sweet person is kind, gentle and unaffected by anyone’s bitterness. Sweetness means to refrain from focusing on shortcomings and negative characteristics, knowing that those are only temporary deviations from the essence of that person. Sweetness is the living embodiment of the phrase, ‘See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil, think no evil.’ It is not to be confused with being sickly sweet and smarmy.

Sweetness of language and temper is another great virtue. One who discerns only the good qualities of others, is a man of great merit. As a bee collects sweetness from flowers, so does a man who has an eye for others’ merits, gather good points, and he himself also becomes a store of sweetness like a honey-comb.

Imbibe sweetness and become great

1. Sweetness is greatness, and through this sweetness, bitterness of our mind and words end. The fire of anger cools down. This year, BapDada wants to make all the children into cool deities. Therefore, imbibe the virtue of sweetness. Your face too should be sweet. Become full of the virtue of sweetness. With your sweet words and powerful drishti make anyone who comes in front of you full.

2. Sweetness is such that it can make anyone cheerful. Those who imbibe sweetness become great here and also claim a status there. Everyone sees those who have sweetness with the vision of them being great. Therefore, imbibe the special virtue of sweetness. It is only with sweetness that you will be able to glorify the name “Madhusudan” (Krishna – the sweet one).

3. In order to imbibe the virtue of sweetness, become easy-natured. You can only become easy- natured when you don’t look at your own past or anyone else’s past. Sweetness is visible in the eyes, face and behaviour of those who are easy-natured.

4. Imbibe the virtue of sweetness and sanskars will automatically harmonize. The harmony of sanskars is the true auspicious meeting, for it is only through having various sanskars that you become distant from one another. When there is a meeting of harmonising sanskars through sweetness, BapDada’s
revelation will be visible.

5. Let there be sweetness in your behaviour and an attitude of unlimited disinterest in your mind. When you bhave the awareness of both of these, you will be able to pass with honours. By especially
imbibing sweetness and humility, you will constantly be a world benefactor, a great donor and a bestower of blessings. You will then easily be able to give the proof of love.

6. Every word of you children should be a pearl. When you speak, it should feel as though you are not speaking, but showering pearls. This is called sweetness. Speak such words that those who hear you feel inspired to speak in the same way that you do. Anyone who hears you should feel inspired to learn and follow you. Speak such words that anyone can record them and listen to them over and over again. The vibrations of such sweet words automatically attract them.

7. Your every word is great. Every thought in your mind for anyone else should be sweet. Let your nature be that of uplifting everyone, a nature of sweetness and humility. Never say, “My nature is like that!” Where did “mine” come from? My nature of speaking is very loud. My nature is forceful. To be influenced by your nature is also Maya. Now become a conqueror of Maya.

8. Transform the nature of being arrogant, disheartened, jealous or forceful. When you give someone a sweet, their mouth is sweetened for a short time. However, when you yourself become sweet, you will always have sweet words on your lips. Just as you become happy when you eat or give someone something sweet, in the same way, sweet words make you and others feel happy. Continue to sweeten
everyone’s mouth in this way. Always let your drishti, words and deeds be sweet.

9. Imbibe the virtue of sweetness and give someone two second’s sweet drishti. Speak sweet words and you will make that soul overflowing for all time. This two second’s sweet drishti and sweet words will change that soul’s world. Those few words will become instrumental to change them for all time.

10. Sweetness is such a sweet inculcation that it makes bitter land sweet. The basis of all of you changing is also a few sweet words from the Father. Sweet children, you are pure, sweet souls. These few sweet words changed all of you. Baba’s sweet drishti changed you. Make others sweet with your sweetness. Sweeten your mouth. With these blessings, you yourselves will continue to grow and you will also bring about growth in service.

11. BapDada now wants to see the sparkling jewel of complete purity on the forehead of each of you children. He wants to see your eyes always sparkling with spirituality, to hear sweet and invaluable words, and to see contentment and humility in your actions.

12. The nature and sanskars of each of you are your own, but to be loving to all, to be successful in all relationships and everything, to be victorious in your mind, and to have sweetness in your words is only possible when you have an easy nature. To have an easy nature means to make yourself easy by recognising the time, people and circumstances. To be easy means to be harmonious and be able to adjust oneself. Easy does not mean to be careless.

13. Father Brahma wants to see the smile of spirituality on each child’s face. Secondly, he wants to hear sweet words through their lips. Let not a single word be without sweetness. Let there be spirituality on your face, sweetness in your words and constant good wishes in your mind and intellect, feelings of being merciful and a bestower. Follow the Father at every step. Give a return of this sustenance.

14. With constant sweetness, give a vision of closeness to the Father. Sweetness in your thoughts, sweetness in your words and sweetness in your actions is closeness to the Father. This is why the
Father says every day: Sweet, sweet children! And the children respond: Sweet, sweet Baba! Therefore, these sweet words every day make you sweet.

15. Where there is sweetness, there is purity. There cannot be sweetness without purity. So, let there be newness of sweetness, contentment and easiness. Continue to sweeten everyone’s mouth with sweet words, sweet sanskars and a sweet nature. Constantly continue to move forward and continue to fly with the blessing, “May you be constantly tireless and sweet.”

from the archive (2003 AVS)

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