The karmateet stage

The karmateet stage Baba speaks of is when the soul reaches the state where there are no karmic bondages remaining.
When someone reaches that stage they are able to remain calm and cool in the face of anything. If sickness comes, a soul who is nearing his karmateet stage is not going to cry, not going to suffer, but will know how to handle the disease. He will not make anything that happens into something big. Rather, with tolerance and patience, will turn the situation
into something small. These are the signs of the karmateet stage.

Through being obedient for a long period of time and through following shrimat, such a soul will have obtained many blessings from everyone. A soul who is karmateet will never come under the influence of manmat or parmat. He will never be influenced enough to make a mistake. He is yuktiyukt and behaves with tact. One aspect of the karmateet stage is that of the character and another is the register of yoga. The yoga register of such a soul will be very good; there will be no attraction for any human being. Another soul will not have thoughts towards that one either.

Baba is not a wise person nor a saint. He is the One and only up there above. Just as He is there up above, I must also remember my bodiless stage. I need to remember that I am a resident of the land of silence. How was I when in my purest state in Paramdham? I need to adopt that level of purity and truth. Purity, truth and feelings of service.
This is what it means to be a Brahma Kumar or Kumari. No soul, whether a Brahmin or a soul of another religion, can go back there without clearing their karmic accounts. No-one can take their karmic accounts back there. Think about this. At this time the quality of our thoughts needs to be extremely pure…

We need to pay attention that between us there should be no different opinions. There should neither be repression, nor any attempt to influence others. In the world, people are working for two things; money and/or position. Some left Baba because they were searching for money or position. Here there is no money or position. Some have felt that they do a lot of service and yet they are not appreciated. In lokik life people search for respect and some find it. However, a person who has desires or is looking for respect never can remain permanently happy. And then if someone is not happy, what type of service can he really do? Our task is to show others that by remaining happy in the present, we are making our future good.

One of the things that stops us being happy is to getting annoyed. One who gets annoyed does not consider it their task to make others happy. They are sometimes content, sometimes irritated. If you start considering it your duty to make others happy, you will find that you never get annoyed with anyone. Let me pay attention on one thing; I should remain happy and my actions and face should remind others of Baba. Baba used to tell us that those who get annoyed will become servants. Think about it; a king’s duty is to take care of others and to give them happiness.

In fact, Baba teaches us very clearly the type of actions we need to perform. He teaches us to stop performing ordinary actions and to perform very elevated actions. By doing this, we move towards the karmateet stage. None of my actions or relationships should be such that they draw me into any type of bondage. In fact, the quality of my actions and relationships should leave me free. Nobody, no place, no personal possessions should be remembered. This was something Brahma Baba paid attention to. He did not remember any of these things. Because of this he became karmateet and avyakt.
We wear simple white clothes, our pockets are empty and yet we are the ‘owners’ of the world. Even the hankies I give to those who cry in front of me are not really mine. I know that Baba cannot stand to see anyone unhappy. He does not like to see anyone looking unfortunate. If Brahma Baba saw anyone looking unhappy, he would ask ‘Has someone died?”

We have to pay attention not to complain about others. My character should also be such that no-one should complain about me.
Once someone told Dadi, ‘Dadi, I am stuck’. If someone is stuck, we can help them to move. Sometimes we see others moving but feel unable to move in the same way. The soul then creates excuses as to why he cannot move. If someone asks what is wrong or encourages him to move he will not like it. He will begin to justify himself. If he gets stuck for long, he will become scared of moving. Such souls don’t progress yet they don’t go away. Baba gives a very good solution for this; become bodiless. Becoming bodiless is like getting an injection; it removes the pain and gives energy.

Dadi Prakashmani ji

om shanti