Mama – Magic in the eyes



"He is now present in living form. Now we can reduce the past accounts and increace our future accounts. Something can be done at this time. But in releationships with Father, you hace to be worthy and fulfil your duty. We now perform karma through our thoughts, words and actions and what will happen through these actions. Baba has explained about karmic accounts in great detail. What are the five vives? The first vice is that of body-consciousness. That is chief of all the enemies. This is why Baba sys: By being soul-conscious, the other enemies willnot come. Those who are soul-conscious do not have any vices. You then have the consciousness that you are His children, so the vices do not come to you. You then have pure pride." 







This JUNE in particular

let me daily study and churn on Mama's specialities…

let me follow on the divine footsteps of our beloved Mama… 

let me take a vow to always remain in the Remembrance of (connected to)  the Supreme Light, the Ocean / Reservior

of all Divine Powers and Virtues….

let me invoke all His powers, the very Powers that His creations, the 9 goddesses represent, and thus contribute to world peace.


Divine respected sister RADHE ji  whom Baba named Saraswati,  the most remarkable and efficient student of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, affectionately known as  "MAMA", achieved the title of 'World Mother'- JAGADAMBA , by becoming the embodiment of all virtues, all powers and truly the world empress who conquered the hearts of this Divine family all over the world, with her motherly love.  

How did Our Beloved Mama create / conserve her spiritual energy?

*  Mama never took or experienced any type of sorrow from anyone.  Nor did Mama deliberately cause anyone any sorrow.  If anyone had taken any sorrow from Mama, then she would like them to forgive her. 

*  Mama always made sure she acted on the foundation of truth, and that there was no selfish motive in her actions.

*  Mama made God her Companion, and therefore, Mama was able to be a 'detached observer' in every situation.  'God is watching'. 

*Mama did not like to speak in an ordinary way or about ordinary things.  Mama did not like to gossip about one person to another. (This takes up a lot of energy.)  
*  Mama was always attentive to having a pure diet and keeping good company, even in terms of her thoughts.  Mama didn't keep any bad company and so there are no wasteful words or thoughts.
*  Mama was always obedient to every direction God gave.  It is the power of obedience that worked on Mama.  Mama did not have to use her own energy to decide anything as she was only following instructions, and this conserved her own energy.
*  Mama always paid attention to using her time, money and energy in a worthwhile way.
*  Mama was granted by God, the gift of a sharp intellect and so she always made sure her intellect remained healthy, in a good condition and not influenced by anything or ayone.
*  Mama had faith that every scene and situation of the world drama is benevolent for all – with this faith, she did not waste any energy.


*    *    *     *     *     *     *     *    *    *   *    *    *     *     *     *    *   *  

MAMA is the living inspiration for all of us, to imbibe all 9 specialites of the goddesses, and become Shiv Shaktis – the ones who take all powers from Shiva:   


SARASWATI  – Goddess of Knowledge –   Mama listened to the Knowledge(murli) from Shiv Baba and imbibed it and played the Sitar of Knowledge, and inspired everyone through her own inculcation(dharna), and brought realisation to all. 

JAGADAMBA – Goddess of Fulfilment – giving love and bestowing eternal blessing of peace and happiness. 

DURGA  –  Goddess of Shakti – who takes power from Shiva and removes all weaknesses(durgunn) within the self, and also helps to remove weaknesses of others. 

KALI  –  Goddess of Fearlessness – who is fearless and courageous and destroys all negativity, evil and devilish personality traits.

GAYATRI  –  Goddess of Auspicious Omens –  Mama gave importance to the elevated versions spoken by Shiv Baba and used each version as a mantra and this is why there is importance of Gayatri mantra, which works like magic to remove all bad omens. 

VAISHNAV  –  Goddess of Purity – who radiates light of purity and empowers all to become divine through pure vision, pure thoughts, pure words and deeds.

UMA  –  Goddess of Enthusiasm – who brings hope, zeal and enthusiasm(umang/utsaha).

SANTOSHI – Goddess of Contentment – who brings a feeling of deep contentment.

LAXMI  – Goddess of Wealth – who bestows upon souls the unlimited Wealth of spiritual Knowledge and Virtues.

*    *    *     *     *     *     *     *    *    *   *    *    *     *     *     *     *