Baba has his own part in the drama

Baba’s part in the drama is not to tell us who will come in the 8 jewels. He is the Innocent Lord but through gyan and yoga He makes us pure and peaceful. Shiv Baba tells the soul directly ‘Remember Me’ – and through this the soul receives a great deal of strength.

I have to now be totally detached from the body and all relationships. I have to become the total conqueror of attachment. Have you left attachment to your old sanskaras? The old sanskaras pull us back into the old world. We are moving forward to the new. For the whole kalpa we will be with Baba. Wherever you are, you are only in your body for the sake of service. It doesn’t matter where you are but the important aspect is to prepare to leave your body in Baba’s remembrance. Remember the things Baba teaches you to remember and forget the things you know you have to forget. We receive a great deal of strength through remembrance. Through remembrance the virtues of God emerge in the soul. We remember the One we attain from. It is remembrance that makes the soul complete. Remembrance and the love it creates make the soul complete. The practical proof of remembrance is that nothing else is remembered. I need to make Baba mine to such an extent.

Those who do service need to have a merciful heart. We have received an inheritance from Baba and from that we create our own fortune. We become worthy… We have received so much from Baba and we use what we have attained to serve. The child reveals the Father and the Father reveals the child. This should be our inner desire.

Om Shanti

Dadi Janki, 23rd October 2012, Shantivan