Power to asses

The fact that very few heirs are created means that you were not able to asses their pulse. When you are able to asses a patient accurately, you are then able to give medicine, and the disease then finishes. What happens when the disease is finished? The pandavas who are instruments especially need the power to perceive what ever is to happen in the future. They also need the power to take decisions.

The more you renounce, the more you will receive respect. The more you try to seek respect, the more it will become a means of losing respect. This is why you must increase the practice of going up and down the ladder, of being a master and a child. This is why you have been invited here. There will be success in this when you have the power to assess situations. When you have assessed situations, the result will be good. When you don’t assess them, the result is going to be wrong. AV 23-07-1969