Shiv Ki Preet Ne Sikhaya Sabsa Preet Nibhana


One more Gem from Brahma Kumaris. Love ALL before NEW Eternal GAME starts….

Our Supreme Father, ParamPita, ParamAtma Shiv ShivPita ShivBaba Baba Allah God Jehovah is ONE for All Souls, The SUPREME Light. HE is AVAILABLE Now, only Once in Confluence Age/Sangam Yug in Entire Kalp of 5000 Years when World has degraded most in this Iron Age/Kalah Yug.

Connect to him DIRECTLY through RajYog Meditation at Brahma Kumaris in @8500 Centers in @135 Countries without any mediator. Once you learn it, it will BE entirely in your Hands to remain CONNECTED with Supreme….No Conflicts…No Worries…No Fear…No Tension…No Depression….No Addictions…ONLY FEELING OF LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ONENESS.

Please reflect on the following qualities of Shiv-Allah-God to know HIM truly so as to Re-establish the relationship between you, the Soul & Him, the Supreme Soul.