Brahma Baba God’s Apostle of Peace

by Jagdish Chander Hassija
Reconciliation who did their very best to teach mankind lessons in the art of living a life of peace. They preached unto the people the value of co-existence, co-operation and harmony and asked them to give up hatred, enmity and vengeance. They themselves lived a life of calmness and quietude and, from their own example, asked others to live in a spirit of amity. There have been lines of successors after them who read or recited from the sermons of those masters and exhorted people to give up malice, prejudice, narrow-mindedness and vanity. But we find that, like a ball rolling down a hill, mankind has been rushing towards a steep fall, sometimes a little haltingly and, then, again, speedily. No one has had any admirable success in stopping the tide of moral fall. Things have been going from bad to worse in spite of all the sincere efforts of thousands of saints, sages and sadhus. There might have been some little success here or there for a short while but nothing much was attained in this direction.

The history of mankind is full of tragic events. Their causes have often been identified. The fall of dynasties, cities or civilizations has not been without any frailties and failures of human character. Man has often behaved worse than beasts and acted more wantonly and vulgarly than the untrained and undomesticated forest animals. There have been small and big wars and massacre and bloodshed of masses. Small infants were put on the point of the sharp edge of swords and women were mercilessly butchered without their involvement in the act of war of the power-game of politics. Millions of human bodies were mutilated and slaughtered to satisfy man’s lust for power or pelf or for glory and gold.

Thousands of houses were razed to the ground and millions of homeless people were banished from their native lands, leaving behind their belongings with kith and kin and in a state of shock and trauma. The rich lived luxuriously while the impoverished died, deprived of a morsel of food, given by the land which they also called as their motherland. So cruel has been man to brother man that there is no other species which can match his acts of barbarity. The criminals, who cheated, plundered, robbed, embezzled, usurped and encroached, lived lavishly. The corrupt, who amassed huge amounts of money,illegally and immorally, became honourable gentlemen and occupied palaces and positions of prestige but those who were honest, disciplined, law-abiding and self-restrained, lived on meagre income and yet were considered as second rate citizens whose duty it was to support the ever-unsatisfied rich.

Those who had no weapons to fight the aggressors were made slaves and servitors whereas those, who had raised big armies and had weapons of war, ruled and were known as His Majesty the King or His Highness the Sovereign.

Thus all history is red with blood that spilled from those who were slain, tortured and persecuted. The voice of the founders of religions was like a cry in the wilderness. Man has shut his ears to the words of sanity and solace. The voice of those heralders of peace became muzzled and enfeebled gradually or their written texts were interfered with and interpolated or interpreted according to the mental and moral stage of the preacher himself. Thus Peace was lost in the melee, in the frenzied crowds, in the rivalry, in the struggle for existence or in the vain-glorious rituals and routine readings of the wailing crowds who had lost touch with whatever was heavenly or holy.

Today, we see a great pomp and show of the forces of Evil, illusions, Delusions and Confusions. It is all outward show. Inwardly, all have a void. Their minds are restless yet they have resuscitated themselves with something or the other to lead an artificial life. Money, Wine, Sex, Drugs, Hotel and T.V. culture, etc. are their life-support systems on which life now depends. Remove these and mankind would go into coma or cold death.

So, who is now going to give new life and strong sustenance? Who is going to shower love on the world that is scorched by the blazing heat of hatred, anger and selfishness? How is mankind going to get the real Peace for which it has been languishing for two millennia or more? Who is going to give mankind lessons in morality that should awaken that which is divine in them?

It is not an easy task. No human being can do it because no human being is an exception to this present state of being. No one can put his hand on his chest and say; I am a perfect saint, untouched and unblemished by any vice and I am ever peaceful. No one can claim to have set even his own community in Peace and Order. Even those who have been awarded Nobel Peace Prize have yet to have real Peace in their mind under all circumstances and for ever. It is God alone who is the Ocean of Peace. He alone is the Peace-maker or Peace-Giver. It is His word that destroys illusions, breaks the thickened crust of die-hard Habits and bulldozes or blasts the fortresses of Ignorance.

He does this task when things have reached their extreme, when there is utmost moral degeneration, when the edifice of ethics has been shaken to its foundations or the Tree of Religions has almost lost its roots. It is at such a dark hour that the Supreme Power descends. He descends quietly and without a thunder. He works incognito and without any fanfare. He enters the human body of an old man of modest means and makes him the medium for revealing the Truth, for leading mankind from darkness to light and from Iron Age to Golden Age. He gives him the meaningful name, ‘Brahmã’. Out of millions, only a few, who have the discerning eye, now cured by God by removing the cataract of Ignorance, recognize Him.

He reveals His glory first to Brahma, His human medium. Brahma becomes the foremost among those who are morally and spiritually transformed by Him. Brahma now lays with Him the foundations of the Golden Age by working day and night for the rejuvenation of humankind. He sacrifices his all for this most sacred task entrusted to him. He exerts himself to his very bones to make paradise on earth a reality. He faces heavy odds. He bears the brunt of the attack of the forces of Maya and protects those in whose minds Godly Knowledge is yet a tender plant. He gives them love and care, spiritual succor and sustenance and delivers to them the elixir of knowledge and divine virtues. He inspires others deeply with his purity, love, peace, divine qualities and indefatigable spirit. In figurative language, he is said to have been born of the navel of Vishnu which means that his spiritual birth took place when he came to understand that he is the self-same Vishnu or that he has in him the potential of being Vishnu.

This glorious event of God, the incorporeal Supreme Soul, entering into the body of Brahma, has occurred again at the end of 5000 years time-cycle. We are witnesses to this most significant Act because this has happened in our own life-time and we had the privilege to experience this. A number of us have heard Shiva, the Supreme, speak, using the oral organ of Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba has been God’s instrument and has been playing a role which is incomparable with any other person’s role that has acted before him. He has been God’s instrument for disseminating the most powerful Knowledge in the most superb way. He has been an embodiment of divine qualities and a yogi par excellence. He has been a teacher full of grace, divinity and sublimity. He has been a most sincere and steadfast friend. He endeared himself to all who came close to his angelic aura. His light and spiritual might lit up the minds of many and transformed even the vilest of sinners easily. He gave up his mortal coil on 18th January, 1969 and has ascended to Brahmapuri in the angelic region. From there, he, the angel, comes to guide, direct, correct and benedict those who are under his umbrella. His blessings are so wonderful and numerous that there are no adequate words to express our gratitude to him on the occasion of the anniversary of his ascension.

BK Jagdish Chandra