Do you know what the lines of purity are?

Everyone loves purity. Purity is the mother of happiness, peace, love and bliss. Purity is the true decoration of human life. If there is no purity, human life has no value. You can see that deities are pure and this is why they are wothy of respect and worthy of worship. When there is no purity, you can see human life today.

May you be pure, may you be yogi. The activity, behaviour and face of a soul who has purity sparkles. This is why purity is that which makes your life elevated. In fact, the original form of all of you children is purity. Your eternal form is also purity. The speciality of such souls is that the personality of purity is always visible in their life. The reality of purity and the roylaty of purity are visible on the face and in the activity of such souls. The lines are decoration of your life.


Reality is: „I, the soul, in my original and eternal form.” By having this awareness you become powerful.


Royalty is: you yourself have your self-respect and you move along giving respect to everyone.


Personality is: to have constant contentment and happiness. You yourself are content and you make all others content.

Avyakt BapDada 04.09.2005