Seniors Classess – 30th January 2013


Dadi Gulzar – 30th January 2013 – Shantivan (with Double Foreigners)

Banish Maya by remaining combined with Baba

Is there an easy way to make Baba sit in one’s heart? Keep Baba in your heart and your face will automatically be cheerful. Say to yourself, “My Baba, beloved Baba, sweet Baba.” It is because we have made Baba sit in our hearts that the Dilwala Temple has become our memorial. The easy way is to make Baba sit in one’s heart is to be always combined with Him – not sometimes but always. When else will you meet such a Baba in the whole cycle? Baba is sitting in your heart and the one who is in the heart can never be forgotten.

Be combined with Baba and pay attention to never allowing yourself to separate from Him. When you remain in the awareness of being combined you will feel that you are always with Baba. If you separate Baba from yourself you will become alone and this will cause fear within you. Always stay combined. Never allow Baba to be away from you.

Say to Baba, “Sweet Baba, lovely Baba, come to me.” See then how Baba becomes your helper. When you have courage Baba will help you. If you have a task to perform and you experience some difficulty with it, say, “Baba come to me. You are always with me. You are in my heart.” Baba will then be there to help you and everything will become very easy for you. Baba tells us to make use of Him in this way

God is sitting in your heart and so from now onwards your face should always be cheerful. Maya will see that this one is cheerful because God is with this soul and she will become afraid and not come near you.

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you should do is to look at your face in the mirror and see if it is a smiling face. If it is not, say to yourself, “My Companion is with me, we are combined,” and that will then make you cheerful for the whole day.

Go back from Madhuban as easy yogis forever – not only sometimes! Baba is always with you and so you can be an easy yogi. Be combined – don’t allow separation. One who is combined will always have a cheerful face.

Baba will take a photograph of you all of a sudden without telling you. He will see what specialities you have taken from here. What are you taking with you? If any small obstacle comes in front of you or any situation arises that is the work of Maya. She will come but your work is to drive Maya away. Maya doesn’t leave her work. She may follows you sometimes but never leave your task of remaining combined with Baba and thus driving her away. Now stay combined with Baba and never be alone.

Om Shanti



Brother Nirwair – 30th January 2013 – Shantivan (meeting Double Foreigners)

My wonderful divine family

Special warm greetings to everyone from different parts of the world… far and wide. When I start thinking of you coming from all over the world I become very sentimental. In India we are used to the family feeling in alokik and lokik life. Whenever someone comes from a far distant place there is so much happiness on seeing each other. I don’t know whether you have ever heard a song of a child whose father has gone far away to America for business and she writes to her father: Oh Papa come back soon. When you come back bring me a doll; even if you don’t bring me a doll don’t worry but come back soon. So we have such feelings.

Now we all know to which family we belong to and that we stay together for 5,000 years, playing our different roles right from the beginning of the Golden Age until the end of the Confluence Age. Although it is only at the Confluence Age that we become aware of ourselves and become aware of our near and dear ones who we are so close to spiritually. We meet only when Baba comes and this again makes us feel very sentimental. He doesn’t stay with us through the Golden Age, or Silver Age, or Copper and Iron Age……it is only at this time…do you feel happy about this? How happy?! Sometimes Baba would ask, ‘How happy do you feel…this much or this much?!’

Baba’s season is the time when the whole divine family comes together. There is a purpose in this – nothing happens without purpose. The purpose is to refresh ourselves spiritually and to empower ourselves so we progress more and more to fulfil Baba’s hopes for us. We would love to live up to Baba’s expectations but we all need a lot of inner strength to conquer so many obstacles from outside and within, and the many very subtle feelings that come up. We conquer these obstacles slowly and it is a wonderful feeling of spiritual and emotional freedom when most of these are conquered. When real inner freedom is experienced this Confluence Age makes it the most enjoyable age. Whilst you are here, you can enjoy this as in Madhuban there are no other responsibilities; cooking, shopping etc. So what else to do! We say that when we are here we do only two things: enjoy our glass of tea and class of meditation and knowledge. So please enjoy this. Once you enjoy divine life there is automatic self empowerment and when there is self empowerment we become more and more confident to be able to conquer all that is not needed or wanted. Then we enjoy Baba’s company and the beauty of spiritual life and the depth of spiritual wisdom we receive. We can sing songs in our hearts. Whatever had to be achieved has been achieved and nothing else is needed except Baba’s love and company and the company of the divine family. This is the most precious thing in life to experience. Baba has provided this especially whilst we are in Madhuban.

The second thing that comes to mind are Baba’s signals regarding time. Did you notice this in the recent murlis? In each one His signal has been to make effort to the best of your ability as time is short. What does this mean? Why is Baba saying that time is short when everything is fixed in Drama? Baba’s sensible children always think that we have to be the best in the whole world and have to be the best even amongst the divine family. There are many rosaries. The first one of 8, then 108, then 16,108. If everyone was all alike why should there be a difference and three kinds of rosaries? This is a need to ponder over this and do something. What is there to be done? To experience and enjoy as well as celebrate being carefree children of God. Check for how long you can do this. We also have to understand Baba’s wisdom in the right way and put it into practise in the right way. On the basis of this practice gain we experience and become experienced souls. We then do things because of our first hand experience not because others are telling us to. We know the beauty of Baba’s wisdom and the understanding we need to have at this Confluence Age. This makes us feel very confident internally. Obstacles may come from time to time. But there is a feeling from within that this is nothing new. This was crossed a kalpa ago and will be crossed again. Success is our godly birthright. When Baba is with us our power multiplies a million fold and this power makes us successful in conquering all of our weaknesses. What is required is very clear understanding. Sometimes we lack this. On one side we need clear understanding and on the other side we need ‘the will to be well’. This means the will to live by Baba’s standards, expectations and vision for us.

Take up any of this season’s murlis; Baba praises each one of us, without any type of judgement. More than half the murli is for praising the children. What is to be done? Just think do I really deserve this? How can I become worthy of Baba’s inspirations for me? We need this kind of approach and vision towards the self. We need to see what Baba’s vision is for us; to be inspired and to use determination. Determined effort is the master key to get results. This is what I have found. Regularity is also important. Just as Baba never ever became tired of giving. Sakar Baba spoke the murli until the last day when he became avyakt. From then on avyakt murlis have continued. What is the reason? It is Baba’s vision regarding all of us. He has a very high vision. Once, in a personal meeting I asked Baba why He praises us so much when we know we are not that great. Baba’s answer was that the children have limited vision….we only think of our present but Baba looks at our final stage and keeps this is in His vision when He speaks to us. Since then I have been trying my best to keep what Baba thinks about me in mind. The more this remains in my consciousness the more I remain light and happy, and feel easy in doing everything. Even in effort making there is no difficulty. I wish this for all of my brothers and sisters. Whether you started on this path early on or yesterday, it doesn’t matter. Just accept you belong to this great family. You belong to the Highest and the Supreme. You belong to the most respectable, divine and royal family. Accept yourself and see how all the virtues and values become inculcated in your life. This is very easy, helpful and essential.

When you go out, walk with the consciousness of setting an example for the whole world and giving visions to others.

Thank you so much and Om Shanti.



Dadi Janki – 30th January 2013 – Shantivan

Being a well wisher is healthy for me and my family

Baba showers infinite blessings and mercy on each one of His children. Baba has true mercy and compassion for us. This is an aspect of his love. My part however, is to make sure that I don’t make any mistakes which would block me from experiencing Baba’s love. We are on the pilgrimage of remembrance. We have to move forward. Any slip will prevent me from moving forward and from experiencing God’s love and mercy.

Baba has told us the disciplines and our task is to follow those disciplines of the Yagya. Our task is to walk on the path of the codes of conduct. Shrimat is on our heads; we are not following the dictates of our own minds. Look at your chart and see how accurately you are following God’s Shrimat. From the day I came to Baba I have walked on the path He has given. I have never moved according to my own wish. I have always followed Shrimat. When we move according to our own wishes then we stop following Shrimat. The power of Shrimat does then not work in our lives. Following my own manmat or parmat results in a huge loss to the soul.

Pay attention to remain introverted; go deep inside yourself. Be combined with Baba. Make Him your companion and be combined with Him. To become combined means to become like Him… as He is. I should be a detached observer as He is. He sees everyone and everything yet He remains detached. I have to be the same as my companion. If you remain as a detached observer then even if you see others doing something wrong then you will not be affected. In fact, by doing something wrong they are accumulating in their negative account and that has nothing to do with me. My task is to be a detached observer, it is not to go into thoughts about that. If you go into that then you will also accumulate a burden on your own head. Don’t go deep into matters but rather become a well wisher. To be a well wisher is healthy both for the self and for this family. This one is doing this, that one does not do that…if you keep seeing and thinking about these things your own energy will diminish. Your own strength will decrease. Does Shrimat tell me to get involved in such aspects? No. If you follow Shrimat you will not have tension. You will be free from worry and free from getting upset. You will never get depressed. It is following Shrimat which frees the soul from all these negative aspects of life.

How can we make our thoughts determined? I need to have a deep interest in creating high quality thoughts. Let there be thoughts of purity. Let me have elevated feelings. If someone is determined then they can do anything. Don’t allow yourself to create weak thoughts. Create the thought that the Almighty Authority is my father… He is with me. Create the awareness and enjoy the feeling of this whole family being your brothers and sisters. Many don’t maintain this attitude and thus they lack the feeling of love in relationship. There is a vast difference between physical connections and spiritual connections. Baba; everything that is Yours is mine and everything mine is Yours. In fact, this is the very essence of knowledge.
Learn to remain quiet. Many BK’s can’t even be quite for a moment! Have good wishes for the self and create good wishes for others. Sit and practice this. Be patient and God will become a stick to support you in every challenging situation. Let your intellect be connected with the unlimited… Do unlimited service as much as you can. Remain free from the influence of your own and anyone else’s nature and sanskaras. Leave all sorrow. Don’t give sorrow and don’t take it. For this, change your thoughts, your nature and your sanskaras. We have to now perform the dance of sanskaras in this, God’s family. If you become a child now then God Himself will make you into a master of the world in the future.

It is the time to move into intense effort. It is the time for the flying stage. It is the time to spread good wishes into the atmosphere of the whole world… The Iron Age is breathing its last breath. The world is full of violence and corruption. Destruction is just ahead. I have to remain aware of who I am and be in a yogi stage. The more you go into the depths of drama, the more your stage will become unshakeable and immovable. Whatever has happened is drama. Whatever will happen is drama.

There are three aspects through which I have attained success in my life. What is the reason service has increased so much? Courage, faith and honesty. Keep courage at every step and God will help you. Nothing is new. Let there be honesty with the self and the Father. Let there be honesty in my thoughts, words and actions. Keep your stage high. Do your work and then go up above… Realise the value of this life of yours. Go into the depths and come up with jewels.

Om Shanti