Dadi Janki: A bird knows where it has to fly to

17th February 2013 – Shantivan

Baba’s Shrimat is on my head. I have to use that Shrimat to make myself into a first class soul. A high quality soul. It is because Baba changes us in a positive way that we should give Him thanks.

However, if you try to thank Baba He would tell you that it is your fortune.

Baba is showing us a clear path. He tells us never to miss amrit vela. Baba can make me move through Shrimat but it is my duty to follow that Shrimat. If you follow the dictates of your own mind you won’t be able to follow Shrimat. If you follow the directions of others then you also won’t be able to follow Shrimat. You will be sustaining your old sanskaras.

If you remember Baba from your heart and follow His directions then He will remember you from His heart and you will have wonderful experiences.

Check yourself in this aspect because if you have even the slightest attachment to anyone you cannot also have Baba’s remembrance. Remembrance holds a lot of transformation power. Baba’s teachings and sustenance transform the soul. The transformation in the self that needs to come about can only actually happen when a soul maintains zeal and enthusiasm. It is time to go beyond this world; time to leave this body and bodily beings. A bird knows where it has to fly. It doesn’t stop flying due to being stuck on a branch of a tree. It may sit for a while but it then flies high again.

It is time for us to become equal to the Father. To become viceless, incorporeal and egoless. Before I die I have to become this. If you keep the aim to become viceless, incorporeal and egoless then Baba will make you it. You will then become an example in front of others. Meditation at amrit vela and in the evening hours takes us towards this stage. Whatever instructions Baba gives throughout the day have to be followed.

If you are punctual you accumulate marks. If something needs doing and you do it according to the need, you accumulate extra marks.

The time for the examination has come close. Baba doesn’t want we children to repent. A life where one has to repent doesn’t have value. These are Dadi’s own feelings. Keep your own chart. Baba has told us to be careful when using the word ‘I’. Don’t use ‘I’ in the wrong way. Baba has made me belong to Him and is giving me the highest sustenance. Wherever I am sitting, I have to remain peaceful.
World Meditation Hour allows us to sit in silence, to accumulate and to donate. Baba has great hopes in me and my task is to fulfil those hopes. I can’t afford to allow myself to be disheartened. My task to make sure I keep moving forward. My task is to remain honest. Open your heart and see how honest you are. If you are honest you will accumulate power. If not, you will lose it. Baba is truth.

Don’t give any excuses. Tiredness and excuses waste our time.

Illness is our karmic bondage. Baba is not connected with that. My task is to have yoga and then Baba can help me. Whatever past accounts you have created have to be finished off. In the Golden Age the soul sheds the body according to the time. We need to have the same practice now.

Om Shanti

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