Wasteful vibrations create walls

Walls Down

We live most of our lives in spaces which are surrounded by walls on all sides. We move from one box to another, one room to another, and after a while these walls begin to live inside our heads. They become subconscious symbols for the boundaries we set for ourselves. We live in spaces which have no spaciousness, and then we begin to think in narrow, cramped and limiting ways. This is totally unnatural for the unboundaried and limitless soul each one of us is. It therefore creates a subtle inner tension which most of us simply grow to live with. It all points to a need for more than the annual holiday to get 'out and about’. Many years ago, realising the presence of these walls in my consciousness, I made a very big decision. I made a commitment to daily spaciousness. No matter what I am doing, I decided I would endeavour to spend an absolutely minimum of 40 minutes away from the confines of concrete structures. The effect on everything I think, feel and do has been extraordinary – almost as profound as my commitment to daily meditation twenty years ago. We are creative beings and creativity requires spaciousness at all levels of our existence.


The only thing I can control is the way I choose to respond