Maintain self-respect

Generator of Self-respect

28-05-13  ENGLISH SD

By being beyond the consciousness of our body, our relationships and connections, the physical and subtle facilities, material things, comforts and individuals, we, the souls, have unlimited disinterest…by connecting our intellect with the One Father, we become the destroyers of attachment and the embodiments of remembrance, beyond all attachments, inclinations and influences…we are beyond attachment for the self, our specialty of knowledge, the good service we do, and all other specialties… we are the pure, polite and humble instruments for world renewal set in our seat of self respect, free of false pride, ego of our accomplishments, arrogance of our possessions, consciousness of the body, ego of the body, and the arrogance of the body… more: Open BK Forum – Murli Points 28.05.2013

Those who do not have any ego of their self-respect are constantly humble.

To be “humble” is to display all of the gifts which the Drama has given us without the thought of having those qualities as “mine.” To be “humble”means to cooperate with those gifts, without the thought of being cooperative. source: Comments on Avyakt Murli – May 26, 2013 – (