Mon Amour | With My Eyes Shut | Physical love deceives you; spiritual love elevates you

הפרויקט של עידן רייכל

The Idan Raichel Project

Odjus Fitxadu (With My Eyes Shut)

Idan Raichel & Mayra Andrade

Dadi Janki:
Open your eyes and look at Baba. Become trinetri, trikaldarshi and swadarshanchakradhari and you’ll become free from attachment, free from Maya.

Let no one else be visible – see how Baba is seeing everyone and copy Baba. In a subtle way, Baba is giving power. We came alone and we have to go alone.

We come into the golden age according to our own effort, not according to what companion we have! We have to remain alone – not lonely but alone with intoxication.
Om shanti.