Becoming a carefree emperor

Becoming a carefree emperor


There is a difference between worrying and caring. Worry first makes the soul distressed and then hopeless. The solution to this is firstly to think about myself. I need to realise myself… I can then think about God and really realise who that soul is. However, I don’t need to just think about this; I need to actually connect to God and thus experience it. There is one true strength and support for the soul… God. When one worries the knowledge of the true self disappears. Go deep and check: Do I have any worries?

Worry eats away at one’s faith. When there is faith there is victory. If you allow a trace of doubt to arise it will lead to more doubt… If you allow your faith to lessen then you will begin to doubt both God and human beings. When someone’s vision becomes doubtful, they look at everything and every situation with doubt. All of you care about Baba’s service but one should not worry
about any aspect. When one has no worries one does service automatically. That stage of being worriless or carefree is revealed on one’s face. Actually, no-one knows what will happen tomorrow. Why then should I worry? What I do need to do however is to pay attention to myself because God and the people of the world are watching me. Self service includes service of all. People notice my face, my stage… Vibrations travel across the world… Pay attention to the fact that Baba is watching you.

What does Baba like? Baba likes ‘my child’… Listen to the blessings in every day’s Murli and compare your stage with those. I need to pay attention to what I need to do and what I don’t need to do. I have to be such that I can keep the love of Shiv Baba with me and He is the Innocent Lord, so think about this. How do I need to be to maintain a loving relationship with the Lord of Innocence?

If you keep that true relationship with Shiv Baba then your every word with be ‘coated’ with intoxication. That intoxication will be felt not only by you but by others. However, sometimes the soul comes under the effect of the false intoxication of body consciousness, so watch out for this. That body consciousness will prevent you from becoming content because body consciousness leads to all types of desires. If you have desires you definitely won’t be carefree. There will be worry about when something will happen, when you will receive something… This is why Baba tells us again and again to do what He says and by doing what He says the soul becomes free from desire. There is sometimes some aspect that you may feel you can’t share with anyone and then you start thinking more and more about it… Worrying about something can result in dealing with it in the wrong way and thus performing wrong actions. Do you feel you have conquered sinful actions?
Someone who has conquered sin will not have any extra thoughts in their mind. Extra thoughts take us away from self awareness and the awareness of God and make us perform wrong actions.

I have to keep my mind peaceful and serene and my heart clean. When the mind is peaceful then the thoughts become very pure. When the mind stops wandering, serenity comes; the heart feels happy and starts singing the praise of God. The intellect then doesn’t wander. It also works in this way: When the intellect is pure then thoughts become clean and clear. Determination then emerges. That determination is filled with faith. The soul can then feel that victory is near because its thoughts are stable and determined.

So it is worry that prevents a soul becoming a carefree emperor at the confluence age. Baba tells us that we can live in the land without sorrow if we choose to. Have you reached that stage? Don’t allow yourself to develop the habit of worrying. There are many aspects that arise, even in service, but Baba deals with them so well… Many situations arose in front of Brahma Baba but he gave priority to maintaining his stage. If Baba had not paid attention, if Dadiji and Didi had not paid attention to their stages, then we would not be sitting here. If Dadiji had had even a little nature of worrying then Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan would not exist today. No-one is now paying attention to their stage as much as they did. If no-one else pays attention to you or your stage it doesn’t matter; I have to pay attention to my own self. Even on a subtle level, I should not get affected by anything or anyone.

There may be reasons that you can give for letting your stage get affected but it is not the time for that. I have to become one who finds solutions. It is really important not to worry because we have been told the importance of our last moments. If I have even a little bit of worry about my health or I am reacting to anything then it affects my stage of Manmanabhav. If I remain in the stage of Manmanabhav then I am automatically in the stage of madyajibhav. My internal stage needs to be unshakeable; not that I am thinking, ‘Oh, what’s going to happen?’ Baba has told us that situations will arise and for that I have to be accurate and ever ready.

I may have to settle an account with someone… But under no circumstance, should I perform an action for which I have to repent. If anyone were to come in front of me at my last moment, they should see the stage I have created for myself; nothing else. You have done a lot of tapasya but have you created your stage of the final moment yet?

If I am not worriless now then when will I become that? It is not the moment to ask why or how something will happen. If Dadiji had worried about money then the expansion of Madhuban would not have happened. We should not ask, ‘why’ or ‘how’ but we should think ‘it will happen’. There are many pictures of Baba sitting in a carefree pose. Look at those pictures and think how you can become like that… Take one or two points from the murli every day. Go into the depth of them. Those two points then become nectar which has the value of precious gems. It is that nectar that makes the soul sweet. Just two spoonfuls of good food give energy and nourishment.

Now pay attention to these few aspects; it is a disease in this family to want to become ‘big’. To want to be ‘recognised’… However, if you want to become ‘big’ then you will never become big because no-one will support you in your aim. Secondly, never see anyone’s weaknesses. God doesn’t look at weaknesses so why should I? God knows that some souls are like Ajamil yet He gives them drishti and power… His task is to bring transformation. This is the bhavna we should have for service. I have to see virtues – this is my task. See their vices and you accumulate in your own account of sin. We have to prevent ourselves from creating a negative account ourselves.

What is service actually? It is to create a stage which automatically and naturally brings benefit to others.

Om Shanti

Dadi Janki

9th July 2013 – Shantivan, Senior sisters’ bhatti