Didi Manmohini 1910-1983






Different levels of effort make it possible to do different levels of mental service. The first level of mental service is of myself, then secondly of people I come into contact with, people I am related to, then thirdly people I know who are very far away, then fourthly people I don’t know throughout the whole world and the elements of nature. When I practice mental service, there is no battling within myself because there is always something to do. I am always using my time, my thoughts and my treasures in a worthwhile way.

For mental service, I have to keep my mind free from my own worry, my selfish thoughts. That is a stage when there are no complaints, no excuses, and no problems. As my yoga stage elevates I become full, automatically I am lifted beyond such limitations and I just bestow. I don’t trace who has received my good wishes of love. When I use my time in a worthwhile way, on a subtle level I feel the self being filled with blessings. Because souls got help at the right time from God, from their heart feelings of good wishes are sent and these fill my heart. Then my effort becomes easy.

Sometimes people ask, ‘How can you be so easy?’ You don’t see the Dadis feeling pain or sadness even though they are settling karmas through the body. This is because of the blessings they receive for the service they do through their thoughts. They are always giving in the mind. As Dadi says, Baba will look after service. I have to look after my stage. Pay 90% attention to look after your stage and pay 10% attention for service and in Madhuban, even that 10% is not necessary. Then whatever attention we pay to 10%, we get 100%. Didi Manmohini always gave this formula. Dadi was sharing a story of her experience almost thirty years ago when Didi Manmohini and Dadi Janki went somewhere in India for service. Dadi Janki was very good at speaking knowledge and she would speak for one or two hours to people, but Didi Manmohini was not one for giving classes or speaking. She would meet people for five minutes but her drishti was so powerful that she would take people into an experience. Dadi Janki wondered: what does she do? I spoke to the same souls for so many hours, and they were not able to experience as much as when they were with Didi.

Serving through the mind happens when you are spending time with someone and you are really giving time to them. There are genuine feelings that that soul needs to get what you have got from Baba. Dadi Janki also shares with us her feeling of being close to Baba when we are in front of her, because her feeling is that whatever Baba has given her, you should have the same experience. There is a genuine deep feeling in her heart, and when she looks at you with that feeling, you get the experience of also being in front of Baba. That mental service is possible when I have given myself sustenance over a long period of time.

To sustain myself means to be a mother to myself, just as a mother would look after her child. Giving time to myself and sustaining myself, then my spiritual growth will be healthy. On that basis, we can serve through the mind on all four levels. Because of that mental service, our thoughts will automatically become powerful. According to the present time and the opportunity, our efforts can become refined efforts.


It is time to go Home
Dadi Kumarka and Didi Manmohini

Didi Manmohini:

CAME AND GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN because of the special role she played in the True Avinashi Ashwamegh Rudra Gita Gyan Yagya and the inspiration, sustenance and exemplary sample to so many.

Those of us who had the fortune to meet her in person cannot forget her special sweet and deep dristi taking souls beyond, total love for Baba and Baba’s task.

Meeting her between the years 1982-83 on several occasions was like living in her presence not for about one year but ten years. The transformation experience of recognizing this time of the confluence age, the time to go home leaves an indelible impact and the effort we need to make.

The month of July awakens the memory of a hero actor within this huge unlimited drama.

Those who may not have met her would know of Manmohini Complex at Shantivan in her honour.

Didi Manmohini was a main server from the time of establishment of this Godly Spiritual University

In 1937, when Baba established this Godly University and created a trust of kumaris and mothers surrendering all his movable and immovable property to them, Didi Manmohini ji was one of those special members of that trust. From then Baba would gave her many duties related to taking care of the kumaris and mothers. And she became a special helper of the yagya mother Saraswati ji. Didiji was Mama’s right hand.

After the partition in 1951, when preparations were to be made for this organization to move from Sindh to another place, Baba sent Didiji for this task. And it was Didi ji who made all the enquiries and selected Mount Abu for this purpose.

She was a skillful administrator. Starting from 1951-1952 (when Godly service began) she did lots of administrative work. After January 1969 when Prajapita Brahma became avyakt she did service together with Dadi Prakashmani as Additional Dadi and Didi were doing this administrative work together for 14 years and during that period they never had any conflicts between them and never criticized each other. They would always say, ‘Though we have different bodies, the soul is one.’ Seeing their unity and love people were amazed by their skillful administration work. The visible fruit of that unity is that by 1983 this institution already had about 1150 centres and sub-centres throughout the world.

Didi Manmohini left her mortal coil on the 28th July 1983.