Amrit vela greetings from Dadi Janki

2nd August 2013

Om shanti. Good morning. Om shanti and good morning of amrit vela is so wonderful. With Baba’s drishti, we become merged in Baba’s heart and Baba becomes merged in our heart. My Baba is wonderful. What can I tell you from my heart? My heart’s desire is that the whole family, all my sweetest brothers and sisters also make completion and perfection their companions with this experience. With this bhavna, my heart’s desire is that whatever sustenance I have received from my Godly childhood until today, I also give that all of you souls in the world. It is our uncle’s family that is the first family that glorified Baba’s name. Now, souls that are glorifying Baba’s name are visible as flying and being very close. Last night, at 9.00 pm Dadi Gulzar gave me in writing Baba’s elevated versions that I want to share with all of you too.

I will read these now. Baba has shared 8 things which all of you should also feel that you will not miss out on. Since two three days, I have been telling Dadi Gulzar: You have not given me Baba’s
message. So yesterday, Dadi shared 8 things that Baba has said for this soul at other

1) You are one who feeds everyone the nourishment of happiness through your face that is like a spiritual rose.

2) You are one with a true heart, a clean heart and keep the consciousness of being an instrument and please the innocent Lord.

3) You attain constant success with the key of determination.

4) You constantly remain combined with the Father.

5) You are one who is constantly sensible and being essence-full in remembrance, spread the spiritual fragrance.

6) You are a far-sighted soul who has the importance of the treasure of time.

7) You are one who constantly reveals the Father through your face and activity.

8) You are one move forward with blessings through balance in self-progress and service.

Just see, you can understand how I could have slept after my sweet Dadi shared such sweet things with me. Just as sakar Baba used to say, I also say: Tat twam (the same applies to you too.) In order to stay in such bliss, you will be my companions in moving forward with honesty and love. You are My Baba’s specially beloved children, ones who understand the things of my heart, are you not?

Om shanti.

* * * * *