Introversion in your heart

Dadi Janki – 13.8.2013 – GRC, Oxford – European Teachers Retreat

Baba explained beautifully about introversion today. When I give you drishti it’s a beautiful feeling. What do you feel? What feeling do you get at amrit vela? I have the feeling that Baba makes me sit down next to Him. Baba is in front of me, giving me drishti, making me sit next to Him. He’s a Detached Observer and making me a detached observer. Please keep your intellect so clean that Baba, on giving you drishti, can make you sit next to him, that you do not remain down here. There’s the feeling that it’s now time to go home with Baba. Baba said: when you remember the Purifier Father, you become pure. How did that make you feel? Do you remember what you liked in the murli?

Baba has taught us the practice of introversion in order to stabilise our stage. Compare introversion and extroversion. We start as human beings. The human being studies a little and becomes a Brahmin and as the Brahmin endeavours for purity it becomes an angel. One who is introverted is always happy. It is my heart’s desire that you give and receive happiness. No matter what skill someone has, they use it with the bhavna that others should receive happiness through it. Do not forget the word ‘introversion’. Kiss introversion! Make it sit in your heart. You can only experience Baba when you experience introversion.

After amrit vela a beautiful scene emerged in me. This isn’t trance but beautiful visions are emerging now and I’m receiving subtle insights. With such experiences, a soul feels that any weaknesses can immediately transform. Souls sometimes appear before Dadi at amrit vela. Baba once said: Don’t ask why, just serve them. We have to understand through signals.

Don’t labour over anything; it will happen. Everything has already happened, hasn’t it? Experience that happiness and intoxication. It’s when we don’t stay introverted and we’re busy in service that we feel we have a lot of work to do. But, actually, how can a yogi not receive a lot of cooperation?

Dadi liked it when people would ask: ‘Can I help you?’ Practically we offer help. There’s hope, help and happiness. Harmony too. It’s wonderful. I always say the experience I should receive all of you should receive. We don’t have to ask for help. That is being weak, as if to say: ‘Love me a little’. People are not helping me up the stairs, in fact they are giving me love. There are always souls ready to help. The whole of Baba’s task has happened through love. He has taught us truth and how to be honest. Don’t try and prove you are honest – or that anyone else is not – but be so true and honest that others recognise that; and through that experience honest love. When I am content, all will be content with me.

Time is moving on; it won’t stop for anyone. Baba has said the moments of repentance at the end will not be pleasant. Be careful. Let there not be this time of sorrow, because you wasted time, you lost the chance to be raja yogis, karma yogis, easy yogis. If our time has been used in a worthwhile way all our lives at the end there’s be great happiness. I may not be able to climb stairs but if you play my favourite song, I’ll get up and dance! Don’t think of yourself as being ill. Wherever your mind is, your body follows. Where is your mind? We have never asked for wealth yet it has come. Each one has been inspired to use their body, mind, wealth and relationships to create their fortune. Let wealth not stay in my hands but be put in the yagya for yagya service. Let everything I have to be used in a worthwhile way, to bring about satyug.

The old is being finished and the new being built. We are sitting in the old home, the old body, but our work is to build the new home. We are performing actions that inspire others to do the same. It’s not just me building the home but all of us together.

Now I understand why Baba made me instrument for world service. We have to make the whole world co-operate in the task of creating satyug.

Baba needs hundreds of thousands. The stable ones that he wants are few; we have to increase that number. Let’s see what’s in Dadi’s drama but I’ll be present, even in a subtle form. When Baba makes me sit next to Him, my subtle present is always felt. I will never receive an absent mark. Some may be present but if they’re upset in their minds, they will be absent. Those who remain in the present get a lot of marks. Take care that you do not waste time sitting in the past or the future. Stay in the present. You are sitting in a gathering of angels! Don’t put a burden on your head or you won’t be able to look after yourself. When you get heavy, how can you make yourself move? Everything has already happened. It’s fixed. You all know what you have to do. Just sit peacefully and watch what happens.

Remain light. Some like to feel fixed in one place – they feel that gives them security. Some worry who will look after things after people die – or even before they die. If I remain happy now, my death will be a good one. When your life has been lived well, your death becomes easy.

If you look for experience down here you won’t get it but when you look up above, then you’ll experience it. I do not stay in London or in Madhuban. I stay beyond, above. I live in the subtle region. We all have to learn this. There’s safety and security when we remain beyond.

We have all relationships with One Baba. When we connect with the One, all bodily relationships move aside and I’m alone with the One. Today Baba said: Make this One your Child. Surrender to Him. We have a different relationship with our Mother, our Father, our Teacher, etc. The Mother gives love, the Father makes us obedient, the Teacher gives us our aim and the qualifications we need to achieve it. The Friend makes us belong to Him. The hand of the Satguru’s shrimat stays on my head and I’m safe from the influence of manmat – no preferences or dislikes, that are so dangerous. We have to reveal ourselves: Who am I? When we like or dislike, it’s clear we don’t have a relationship with Baba. There’s a lot of regard when Baba is my Friend and my Satguru. We have to live and die in Your lane. Not that I have to live and in one centre – but in Your lap. Live as if you have died alive – this is what the Satguru teaches us. Baba is also the Swami, the Lord, to whom you give a lot of respect; like the Satguru, the Swami takes you beyond. I also experience Baba as my Son.

Child, let others become as good as You! I tell the world: Look at my Son! I used to say: Look at my Father! Make the Father sit in your heart and be intoxicated about revealing Him – let there be nothing else in your heart. Recognise deeply who Baba is, what He does, how He does things. We haven’t done anything. We just had one thought and, on the basis of that, everything happened. So, we don’t think how will it happen? Do service in such a way that it’s not service, it’s dancing!

Om shanti.