Stay with Baba (Father, Supreme) and watch and enjoy this benevolent drama

Dadi Janki – GRC – 17th August 2013-08-17

Mama left the body suddenly whilst Dadi Janki was in Madhuban. A month earlier Mama had been with Dadi in Pune and prior to that in Bangalore. Mama went to Bombay and it was there that her health deteriorated and Dadi went to see her and in one glance Mama uplifted Dadi with the bodiless stage. Mama then went to Madhuban and on her last day she was in her room and the first crop of grapes had become ready that day and she gave four grapes to each person including the labourers and helpers and then Mama left the body between 4 – 4.30pm.

Baba read the sakar murli that evening and said that that system would continue regardless, even though Mama had left that afternoon. Seeing Baba’s face who could adopt a face of regret?

Never become sad or allow your heart to become heavy for any reason. Everything is a wonder. We don’t have to be concerned about anything.

Know with so much faith that whatever happens is good.

Say to yourself with so much faith: “It is going to be good.” No other thoughts.

Don’t think too much about anything. Let things happen of their own accord whilst being the detached observer and stay with Baba and watch and enjoy the drama.

To be detached whilst doing service is to create energy.

To fluctuate is to allow your income to be affected and that causes damage to the self. Don’t think too much and be care free.

Energy is created by remembrance of Baba and is lost through waste thoughts. It is an honour to perform duties in Baba’s house. Think about: Who am I and who is mine? At that time of service. When you move along with economy Baba gives a lot of love for this because it is Baba’s yagya.

To have love for the murli is to have love for Baba. Dadi says that she has not made effort in her life but has kept Baba, Madhuban and murli close to her. When Dadi reads the murli she is looking in a mirror and checking her stage – particularly when she is reading the blessing. Dadi then churns the murli and that turns knowledge into power.

By turning your mind inwards (antar), your mind (man) becomes a home for God – a temple (mandir).

Om shanti.

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