BapDada's message via Dadi Gulzar for 6th Anniversary of Day of Remembrance of Dadi Prakashmani

English translation:

6th Anniversary of the Day of Remembrance of Dadi Prakashmaniji

All instruments teachers and all brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan who belong to Praneshwar (Lord of Life), please accept sweet love-filled remembrance of Beloved Avyakt BapDada and the Dadis.

Today, it is the 6th Day of Remembrance of our lovely and sweetest Dadi Prakashmaniji. Majority of Baba’s children have received alokik sustenance from Dadiji. On this day, Dadiji’s sweet smiling face and her whole image filled with spirituality comes in front of all of us. In the morning murli class, while relating the specialties of Dadiji, Dadi Janki gave very good inspirations. After murli, all the main Dadis, senior sisters and brothers went to Prakash Stambh (Tower of Light) and offered their flowers of love. After that, brothers and sisters who have come for the bhatthi also went around the Prakash Stambh. (10,000 brothers and sisters have come for the Couples Bhatthi.) A few main brothers and sisters went to Dadiji’s room where a few of them shared briefly inspirations they have received from Dadiji on this day.

Dadi Gulzar said:
Today, Dadi is giving the inspiration for everyone to remain content and to make everyone content. Dadi Janki spoke of how Dadiji tied everyone together with the thread of love, made such a huge gathering united and sustained everyone with love and now we all have to give the return of that. Dadi Ratanmohiniji, Mohiniben, Munniben and the senior brothers also shared their experiences. Then Nirwairbhai shared his experiences of being with Dadiji so closely in class. Thereafter, Dadi Gulzar (be consistent)offered bhog for Dadiji to BapDada. Dadiji came into the gathering for a short while to meet everyone in the gathering. She got up and walked around on the stage, giving loving drishti to the whole gathering.

Afterwards, she shared her sweet elevated versions:

Now, all of you need to do mansa seva (service through the mind). Each one can do service through the mind. Whether you are ill or whatever the reason may be, the atmosphere that has become so dirty everywhere in all directions, everything is so dirty. Of course you are serving through the mind to finish all of that, but now, serve through your mind to change the minds of souls. They listen to lectures and that does make an impact, but they themselves should be changed through your mansa seva. All this dirtiness is going into the extreme and it has to do that because after the extreme, there has to be the end, but all of you have to transform their minds not just with lectures but also by serving through your mind, because now everyone’s minds are getting dirtier.

Question: What should be the easy method of mansa seva?
First of all, experience in your mind: I am a powerful soul. Forge the connection of your mind with BapDada and with this connection imbibe all powers in your mind. The state of the minds of all of you may not be that of opposition, but it is engaged in useless things. Useless time, useless thoughts, useless words continue all the time and now all this useless activity should finish. When you finish this first, then the vibrations will spread.

Question: What is the role of the advance party now and what will it be in the future?
First of all, the majority of us all go to meet Baba at amrit vela. Baba teaches all of us – because we are special souls, all are special serviceable souls. Baba personally teaches us – not yoga tapasya, but the drill of mansa seva. Even though we have taken another birth, we become emerged there (in the subtle regions) at the time period and with the body of the confluence age. This is why Baba tells us to spread the vibrations through mansa seva and also makes us tour around in this land and abroad. Baba makes us practice serving through the mind, sometimes one place and sometimes another and makes us do world service in this way. Sometimes, India and sometimes abroad – Baba makes us practice serving through the mind in both places. And of course, Baba is the Intellect of the Wise. Baba, the Wisest of all touches their intellect through the mind, as to who they are.

Question: Dadi, are you in this land or abroad?
In this land. Look, the lands abroad are clever in catching from a distance. India is not like that. Those in India have a gross intellect. (Dadi Janki said: You sent me away abroad on service. However, those from India have to become instruments. There are those from abroad, but there are more from India. Now, attention is required to finish the waste thoughts in the mind because it has been seen there aren’t as many bad thoughts, but there are still a lot of waste thoughts. There will even be thoughts of something that doesn’t concern you. They are not bad, but they are waste thoughts and this is why with mansa seva, first of all finish the waste. Make your own plans to keep your mind busy. Whatever subject your mind is engaged in, do mansa seva through that.

Question: What will be the image of the yagya in the future?
There has to be more economy, eknami (belonging to One) and vibrations of yoga in the yagya. There now has to be attention on economy. Everything has become very loose, (liberal), wasteful expenditure. When we were there, there wasn’t so much wasteful expenditure, but now day-by-day, wasteful expenditure is increasing a lot, and there has to be attention, attention, attention on it. Things are going to get dearer (expensive), and because of this, we have to pay great attention. Do not think, “those in charge are doing this, this one or that one is doing it”. Do not go into this. However, what am I doing?

150 guests have come especially for this day of remembrance: is there any message for them?
BapDada is pleased that all of you as couples have reached here. Now, service through the mind has to be increased. (For the news ones You have the yoga camps for them, so give them an experience of yoga. Do not think that they are sitting in yoga and that is fine, but what was their experience? The more experiences they have, the more their interest will increase.

Question: What should be done for the expansion of the yagya (in terms of construction)?
If there is an absolute need, if it is absolutely essential, only then do it. It shouldn’t be that you go ahead
with whatever someone says.

Question: We keep on awakening the officials in Delhi, but they are not awakening, so what should we do?
Attract them to yoga camps. It is necessary for them to have experiences in yoga and therefore, the more experiences they have in yoga, not just sitting in yoga, but to actually have an experience and for this to have
light commentaries, not too heavy (deep), but have simple commentaries and give them an experience.
Unless they have an experience, they won’t become regular and now make them regular.

What are Dadi’s inspirations for the foreign lands?
Interest for service is now increasing abroad. Everyone has the thought to do something now. However, it has to be seen individually what is possible in each country and what can be done. Now draw their attention according to the environment of the country. Let it not be general. Each country’s circumstances and conditions are individual and therefore, keeping the larger countries in front of you, see what their problems are and then give them a programme. Do not have a general topic. In some places, they have to think of economy, in some places happiness and in some places they have to save and not have wastage. Make programs having understood each area.

Question: Just as BapDada comes 10 times in the season, is it possible for Dadi to come and go?
No. Don’ make light of this. Simply follow BapDada and the directions that you receive from BapDada.

(Dadiji addressing the audience): Are all of you happy, raise your hands! No matter what situations come, your happiness should not disappear. OK, someone may become a little serious and that too is not good. However, sometimes when something happens, then you say that you are thinking about something. But what are you thinking? Are you simply thinking about the situation that took place or are you thinking about a solution for that situation? Some simply continue to think about the situation: this happened and that happened. But what should be done and how can the gathering be made strong? Some continue to think for themselves, but they don’t think so much about how to keep the gathering and the class united with the same enthusiasm.Things are getting worse in the world and at such a time, all of you should definitely invent something to keep yourselves happy. For instance, you have the yoga camps and you have experiences of peace for a short time in that. Now give such experiences.

Question: The confluence age is a 100 years, and 23 years are still remaining, so what will be the form of transformation after that?

All of this has to go into the extreme and this extreme will bring the end. Everyone will be fed up: What is happening? What is happening? They won’t be able to see any solution and will then think about where to go. They want some easy method. Searching for an easy method, they will come to you and you have to tie the bracelet of serving through the mind. You have tied a rakhi, have you not? So, this rakhi is a bondage of mansa service.

Speaking to Jayantiben: Tour around to each of the main countries and give them the course of how to do mansa seva and instill this habit in them. You or someone else can go, but draw their attention to what mansa seva is. In your own classes too, make them practice service through the mind. Waste thoughts have now increased too much, because the mind is free and they don’t know the method to keep their mind busy. People think that they should receive something. Just as you have conducted yoga with commentaries, in the same way, do this also. Give them an experience in the same way. The mind should be busy; otherwise, there is a lot of waste.

(Dadi then personally gave toli to everyone, had Brahma bhojan from the yagya, and bade farewell to everyone.)

Dadi Gulzar then came back from the subtle region and related BapDada’s divine message:
Om shanti. Today, Baba said: Today, it is Dadi’s day and so entertain her a lot. All of the time today is for Dadi. Did all of you meet Dadi? What does Dadi want? (Do mansa seva.) Everyone’s minds are becoming very bad. By doing mansa seva, the powerful vibrations of your mind will reach their mind. Our kingdom has to be established, has it not? In our kingdom, the minds are very powerful. Baba said: Today, I am not going to speak much. Today, it is Dadi’s day. So, all of you who celebrated with Dadi, raise your hands! (We celebrated a lot.)

It is said: Dadi’s day. Baba also said: Today is Dadi’s day. Dadi says: I have already taken another birth, but every day at amrit vela, our serviceable group goes to Baba. We go there at 4.00 am every day. All the main ones who are instruments gather together there, and Baba continues to give us something to do: now, do this and do this, and all of us get together among ourselves and make plans and then tell Baba our results. Sometimes, Baba says: Pay attention to the corruption, and then sometimes Baba says: Absolute peacelessness is continuing to spread everywhere, and so pay attention to that, pay attention to attaining victory over the physical senses. Sometimes Baba says one thing and sometimes, another, and we remain busy in that. A group of 12 to 14 get together and we do the homework that Baba gives us. We may be in young bodies now, but we have those sanskars in our souls. We do the homework that Baba gives upon
finding time somehow. While we are sleeping or bathing, our parents are not aware of anything. We find time at such times so that they are not aware of anything about what we are doing. If they ask us something, we simply agree with them. However, they are good, they don’t tell us off. They are devotees, but not number one devotees. (Today, it is Sunday and this is why Dadi stayed here longer.)

Dadi remembers Madhuban a lot. All of you remember Dadi a lot. Janki Dadi is adding: There has to be unity. One says and the other one does it. This is known as unity. Where there is unity and the remembrance of One, success is guaranteed. So what will you do? Dadi has said: Mansa seva.

Pay attention to mansa seva and this Dadi (Janki Dadi) says: Pay attention to unity. (Dadi Janki said: You are always with me, this love of ours will pull others. Now, give a report on this to your teacher every moment of what you did, one said and the other one did.Understand the ideas of one another and give your company in that. Baba gave lots and lots of love and remembrance and said: Whatever Dadi has said today definitely has to be done. Then we can report to
Dadi. Reports will come from the centres and we will give them to Dadi. Achcha.


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