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A vision that lies close to the heart of inner change
BK Atam Prakash

You are not an ordinary person

You are a unique person with a unique personality

That must be expressed through your face and your activities

Face is the index of the mind

If we have very good self respect and happiness

Automatically that will reflect on your face

and show the quality of soul.

Why are we not able to maintain self-respect?

We must not lose self respect at any cost

On one hand we are hero actors but on the other hand

we become slaves to the illusions of this world.

On this basis we can maintain a good level of inner peace.

What is the secret of this?

Always having the awareness and experience that

I am a point of light, a soul.

That stage reflects from the face.

Through this you will get wonderful and special experiences.

BK Atam Prakash was born in Maharasthra in 1952. Educated as a scientist after completion of his education he underwent a deep change of direction in his interests. With a background in the sciences, BK Atam has spent the last 32 years working tirelessly, to encourage communities in all the world’s major continents as well as all the states of India to bring inner change, and strength of spirit, to their lives and actions.