Mansa Seva

Service of the mind is the process by which you create and send pure elevated thoughts through pure feelings, good wishes and elevated attitude to the self, to others in society, nature, the atmosphere and the elements with „selfless motivation”. Although thoughts, feelings and vibrations are subtle, they are products of the mind, which cannot be visibly seen with the physical eyes, but it expresses itself through the face, forehead, and eyes in general. This is because the eyes and face are the first windows to the mind. Words and activities are also expressions of the mind and therefore all three categories of service are interconnected. Remember the saying „Out of the abundance of the heart (mind) the mouth speaketh”. The observer may experience the powerful stage of your mind through the serenity of your face and the divinity emanating from your lotus eyes in the form of dristi, sakash or even visions. The basis of such spirituality is purity. Spirituality is revealed through the eyes. Souls who have the power of spirituality constantly give others spiritual power through their eyes. To the extent that there is purity in your thoughts, words and deeds, accordingly, that much spirituality will be visible.

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