Think about Baba’s love


In the entire cycle there will be no-one who can love the soul as much as Baba does. Sit alone and think about Baba's love. You will then merge in His loveLove is such a thing… It makes one forget everything and allows the soul to move into intoxication. 
Without love, the soul remembers many negative things. When there is the experience of love, those things are left behind. In love, one will not need to make effort to forget the past.
Yes, Baba is the Ocean of Love and He is also the Ocean of Knowledge. 
Within all the knowledge Baba gives, the essence is 'remember Me alone'. 
There are so many Murlis. In the past 75 years Baba has continued to give knowledge about the soul, the Supreme Soul, the world drama cycle and how Brahma becomes Vishnu. But the essence of all is… remember Me alone. We are studying this in a university and who is our teacher? He is the Supreme Soul. Why does He tell us to remember only Him?
It is because the sins of so many births have to be finished in this one birth. Go into the depths of karma philosophy. Don't make any more mistakes. 
To lie, to cheat, to blame and to insult… these are all sins. Check the self in this. Do not be careless in this aspect.
Become one who is true to God and His teachings. Move into full awareness and become truthful. I need to realise deeply that greed, anger, attachment, lust and ego are really the doorway to hell.
The elevated directions of the Satguru, when placed on our heads, make the mind cool, the heart happy and the nature simple. When the mind is cool it doesn't think too much. When I don't think too much, my heart remains happy.
We have made the system of traffic control. Why? If you travel on a fast road without any controls there can be accidents. It is essential to practice controlling the traffic of our own thoughts. Baba has made the system of World Meditation Hour every month. It is important to follow all the systems and disciplines of Brahmin life. Why? Because if you follow them, you become an instant and fast effort maker.
We have to walk on the path according to the rules and systems. These practices make the soul elevated. Never miss reading the Murli. Read God's Murli in the morning and then be a karma yogi throughout the day. My actions should become such that, on seeing me, others feel inspired to change. Performing elevated actions empowers the soul.
Before Baba comes  (on the 15th) emerge your inner inheritance of love, happiness and power. Begin by emerging honesty and you will find that love automatically follows. I have to be constant in this aspect.
We need to keep these qualities emerged. Keep your qualities emerged and perform actions and you will automatically make your own fortune.
Dadi Janki 

Om Shanti