What is understood by "Service of the Mind"

Service of the mind is the process by which you create and send pure elevated thoughts through pure feelings, good wishes and elevated attitude to the self, to others in society, nature, the atmosphere and the elements with "selfless motivation". Although thoughts, feelings and vibrations are subtle, they are products of the mind, which cannot be visibly seen with the physical eyes, but they express themselves through the face, forehead, and eyes in general. This is because the eyes and face are the first windows to the mind. Words and activities are also expressions of the mind and therefore all three categories of service are interconnected. Remember the saying "Out of the abundance of the heart (mind) the mouth speaketh". The observer may experience the powerful stage of your mind through the serenity of your face and the divinity emanating from your lotus eyes in the form of drishti, sakash or even visions.
The Basis of Spirituality is Purity

The basis of such spirituality is purity. Spirituality is revealed through the eyes. Souls who have the power of spirituality constantly give others spiritual power through their eyes. To the extent that there is purity in your thoughts, words and deeds, accordingly, that much spirituality will be visible.
Mind Service is through "Spiritual Thoughts"

Spiritual thoughts are the instrument to serve with your mind. Spiritual thoughts fill you with power and also give power to others.

 Spiritual words enable you and others to experience happiness. They enable you to experience peace. One spiritual word becomes the basis for many souls to move forward in their lives. One who speaks spiritual words becomes a bestower of blessings.

 Spiritual actions easily enable you to experience the karma-yogi stage and you become a sample for others to become karma yogis. Whosoever comes into contact with such souls easily experience the easy yogi and karma yogi life themselves.

Spiritual smiles and eyes also give others the experience of happiness. Their behavior and face appear to be double-light like angels.
Some Methods to do "Service of the Mind"

Purity is the foundation for pure thoughts and pure feelings. This mind service can be expressed through sakash, drishti, glance, attitude, nature, welfare (hal chal) and vision and can be expressed primarily through the eyes and face.
Mind Service through Sakash. Sakash can be described as a subtle powerful current of light and might that contains all powers and virtues to refresh the soul to its original powerful state. It is God’s divine, unconditional pure feelings of power-filled spiritual love in the form of rays of spiritual energy that emanates from Him as blessings for His children. Sakash contains God’s special powerful vibrations that can heal any difficulty, mend broken hearts and refresh distressed souls provided there is unconditional faith, honesty and obedience to God. Sakash is your own personal canopy of spiritual protection from the evil forces of the world.
Characteristics and Powers of Sakash
The source of all sakash is from God. Sakash is pure powerful energy that is transmitted through pure thoughts in the form of vibrations or pure feelings (shub bhavna) either through the intellect or the eyes.These pure vibrations contain all the innate virtues as well as the powers of the soul.

God’s sakash can change attitudes and transform depressed, degraded or lonely souls giving instant love, power and purity. One who is able to access and receive sakash can attain an instant spiritual lift and become peaceful and contented. It is also possible for lost or searching souls to get self-realization as well as God’s realization in a second. With God’s sakash, a soul can be liberated from having to labor to achieve constant success. Difficult things become easy and impossible things become possible. Success is certain and becomes your birthright. Just as the sun rays have seven incognito colors as displayed by the rainbow, so too sakash has all powers, all virtues and nutrients necessary to restore the soul's original qualities, original strength and original healing powers. Therefore a “peaceless soul” on receiving sakash directly from God or even reflected from a powerful yogi is able to transform and enjoy peace and contentment. In other words, the most vilest sinner on receiving sakash can be transformed into a most divine person. Sakash can change anything bad into something good.
Preparing the Intellect to receive Sakash
The intellect must always be pure, divine and pristine clean to receive the touching and catching power from God’s sakash. To be able to receive sakash at the right time, occasion or the right situation, the intellect must always be clean and clear. To be clear means never to have the slightest trace of waste, idle, negative or even ordinary thoughts. To prepare and maintain a clear and clean intellect, one must always be in soul-consciousness maintaining an angelic stage and an angelic form even while performing actions. The mind, intellect and sanskars must be in complete harmony.
Slowing down of thoughts to receive Sakash
The soul must experience a deep inner silence. This means that the speed of thoughts must be reduced to a single powerful thought linked with the Supreme Soul and merged in love. This is the condition that the soul can receive pure sakash to improve its own stage, to remove obstacles or to help other souls in bondage of maya or matter.
Description of Sakash
Sakash has unlimited subtle properties, powers and healing attributes. Sakash cannot be seen with the physical eyes but it can be felt and experienced. It is a subtle energy, just as when a tiny current of electricity is felt on the hands or the body. It feels like a slight chill caused by a gentle cool breeze that gives a tingling effect. It sometimes causes goose pimples with hair-raising effect. There is an aura of calm that pervades the atmosphere and creates a “sobering assuring silence” as though a guardian angel is spreading an invisible canopy of protection over you. The feeling is refreshing and the soul feels powerful and free from bondage.
Giving Sakash with Eye Contact to Close Souls

Sakash can be given through “eye contact” to those visible in front of your gaze. The intellect acts as both an absorber and reflector. The intellect first absorbs the sakash and accumulates it and when the soul is fully immersed, full of love and in subtle embrace of God, the intellect reflects the sakash through the calmness of the glazed divine eyes with a happy contented facial countenance. The eyes are still and calm and the observer get the feeling that your body is here but your thoughts and mind are very far away. The observers get lost in this peaceful spiritual atmosphere and divine countenance of the face and eyes that they themselves share and experience these feelings through vibrations.
Giving Sakash to Distant Souls
Sakash can also be given by projection of your angelic form through deep concentration and visualization to any part of the globe or universe. You actually experience yourself in distant places giving vibrations through the intellect. This is quite different to imagination. The intellect in this case acts as a “powerful transmitter” that can transmit to wherever you so desire.  It is as though each “thought” is inflated with powerful sakash and the intellect launches these “atmic sakash bombs of pure spiritual love and feelings” that explodes releasing pure powerful vibrations. To do this, one must acquire a highly elevated stage through constant practice of meditation acquiring a clean and clear intellect. The intellect here is described as a “viceless, wireless set”.
Giving Visions of Your Angelic Form

Make a special plan to make service through your mind more powerful. Method: In the early morning hours, emerge yourself in your angelic form and travel around the world giving powerful sakash of peace and happiness, zeal and enthusiasm to lost and distressed souls, pulling their intellect with the thought that Bestower of Blessings has come.
Become Bestowers of Blessings

If the Father can become like the children in corporeal form, then the children can become like the Father and take the incorporeal form. This what is meant by giving the “return of love” to each other. Throughout the world, many souls are now invoking BapDada as well as you worship-worthy souls. They are putting in applications in the form of thoughts. In the early morning hours when the atmosphere is pure, it is easy to hear the cries of distress of these souls and to fulfil their desires. Become a receiver of Baba’s special blessings and then become a bestower and donate these blessings at that time in the atmosphere to change their attitude of mind and remove their cries of distress. To receive blessings, the vessel of your intellect should be powerful and worthy of holding the nectar.When you have a clean and clear intellect, you would hear their cries of distress so clearly as though they are speaking to you in your ear. At the present time everyone is calling out to be liberated from having to labor. If you listen to the call of the bhagats and to the cries of sorrow of the unhappy souls, if you hear the sound of the prayers of the thirsty souls, you will never feel sleepy.
Donate and Bless with the Physical Senses

Become a great donor and a bestower of blessings through your all your physical senses – through your forehead, be a bestower of blessings and a great donor and remind everyone of their original form; with the spiritual drishti through your eyes grant everyone a vision of their original home, the land of liberation, and of their sovereignty, liberation-in-life. Give them a glimpse of their kingdom or a signal of the path through your drishti. Give souls a blessing to have such an experience that they feel that is their real home and kingdom; that they feel they have found the way home and the way to attain their kingdom. Having received such a great donation and blessing, they should become constantly cheerful.

From your words, they should clearly understand the expansion of the Creator and creation and attain the blessing of becoming the first creation of the Creator – the elevated Brahmins who then become deities.

Similarly, with your hands, become a bestower of blessings who gives others the blessing of becoming constantly easy yogis and karma yogis who perform elevated actions and attain elevated fruit.

With your lotus feet, follow the father at every step and give the blessing of accumulating an income of multimillions at every step. Become a bestower of blessings who gives a special experience through each of your physical senses, which means to lead a viceless life. These three specialties will be clearly visible in one.

Become Constant Great Donors

Become triple donors. Firstly, give the donation of all powers through the “mind”. Secondly, give the donation of knowledge through your words and thirdly, give the donation of virtues through your activities. Therefore early in the morning, first make a plan to give donation in these three ways and you will receive all attainments and rewards. Everyday, have a special determined thought of hope and enthusiasm for the self and you will inspire enthusiasm in others.
Power of Pure Feelings and Good Wishes.

The meaning of avyakt (angelic or subtle) is to be beyond corporeal feelings and wishes and this is the basis of “ascent” and “descent”. In any task, it is necessary to have elevated feelings for both the task and the one carrying out the task and the results attained would be automatically elevated and successful. To constantly have pure feelings, it is necessary to have benevolence, love and cooperation while exercising great zeal and enthusiasm with the realization that all souls are brothers with the Fatherhood of One God. Feelings first come from thoughts, then in words followed by actions. As are your feelings, so are your activities and words with each other. Feelings can change intentions. If you have feelings of jealousy towards any soul, then you will see a misunderstanding through every activity and word of that soul. They may be doing something good, but because of your feelings, you would only see a bad intention through that one’s activities and words. Therefore, check your feelings towards all souls if there is always dissatisfaction or misunderstanding.
Be a Lighthouse and Might house
Therefore, through the power of pure feelings, elevated thoughts, elevated attitude and elevated vibrations, you can serve any soul at any time and in any place. This is to become a lighthouse and a mighthouse. A lighthouse serves from a long way while being in one place, so you can also become instruments to serve innumerable souls from one place, but only if you have accumulated sufficient power to be a mighthouse.
Spiritual Charity with Pure Thoughts
You will have the experience that distant people from all walks of life on meeting you for the first time will say, “You have shown me the correct path”. “You have directed me towards my destination”. “You called me and so I have come”. Your divine form will be visible on the television of their mind and they would have the experience of meeting you through spiritual charity and service of the mind. You will witness many spiritual wonders through the power of silence. With the power of silence, you can travel around the world and universe while sitting in one place, without spending anything. Similarly, you experience the power of peace and make the world peaceful.
World Benefactor Stage

With physical equipment, you first have to plug it into a power source and then switch on and then everything will then be seen and heard clearly. Therefore, in the same manner, plug in your connection with Bapdada and then switch on your elevated thoughts and desires so that distant souls will seem very close. This is referred to as the stage of a world benefactor.
Basis for World Benefactor Stage.

The basis for all of this is the "power of silence". Sound comes in the mind in the form of thoughts. As the sound of wasteful thoughts stops, expansion of thoughts is merged and transformed into their very essence and the power of silence accumulates. The power of silence is the most elevated power and is the source of all other powers. The instruments of the power of silence are "pure thoughts, pure feelings and the language of the eyes". Just as through the language of the lips you give the introduction of Baba and the creation, in the same way, on the basis of the power of silence, through the language of the eyes you can give an experience of Baba with the power of silence through dristi or sakash. Just as an image can be shown on a projector, in the same way through the power of silence, your image as well the sparkling image of the Father can be shown clearly on your forehead. At the present time, you give an experience of the pilgrimage of remembrance through words. Similarly, your face will automatically give an experience of the different stages of remembrance. If you are stable in the stage of your pure feelings of love, those same feelings will also emerge in others, similar to one light igniting other lights. You can also inspire others to carry out physical tasks through pure thoughts and feelings.
In the future, because of natural calamities, you will be restricted to do service with physical instruments, and service through speech will become limited. At such a time, the instruments of the power of silence will have to have to do the service with pure feelings and pure vibrations and this will take less time as thoughts are more powerful than words. Where words cannot accomplish a task, an experience of mercy and love through the language of the eyes and the power of mind will have to be employed.
You will encounter many restless, peaceless and argumentative souls who would become tired of listening and speaking and the only method will be through the power of the mind or the power of a glance. Just a the power of science takes one beyond the pull of gravity, in the same way, the power of silence will have to take souls beyond all limited attractions
The Practice of Unlimited Attitude and Mercy

 When you extend pure love to everyone with selfless motivation, that is an attitude of kindness. When you send good feelings and pure wishes to those who are in deep sorrow, that is an attitude of mercy and compassion. When you bless and uplift someone even as they defame you, that is an attitude of forgiveness. When you tolerate a situation and take responsibility as well as give cooperation even when not appreciated, that is an attitude of humility and self-respect. This is because a positive attitude induces self-empowerment and at the same time empowers others. A good attitude, therefore, takes the support of all the virtues, powers and spiritual knowledge and makes peace, happiness and prosperity your birthright. Every second, every moment and every breath of your life is nurtured by attitude.
An Example of How to do Mind Service

Simply go into deep silence and allow the mind and intellect to experience solitude. As maharathi souls, have the awareness that you are now sitting in the lotus-like position on a 100-petal white lotus flower in angelic dress in the subtle region. Have the vision that there are numerous other angelic souls sitting in a semi-circle next to you. Your body of subtle light seated on the lotus flower is suspended from subtle multi-colored rays of light that emanates directly from BapDada. Shiv Baba is directly seated on the top and Brahma Baba is directly under and all other angelic souls are seated around with a fixed gaze into Baba's eyes absorbing the powerful rays of sakash emanating in the shape of a multi-colored lotus flower.
You gently release your intellect to the Eternal Surgeon, sweetly merged and lost in His love. As you sit merged in love, you feel the divine rays of all powers being absorbed in the intellect, as though the intellect is being inflated with the sakash of love and purity. You can see the intellect surrendered on the operating table of the Eternal Surgeon where the intellect is being filled with the many powers and any traces of impurity that was stored and forgotten in the attic or basement of the intellect is being burnt in the sacrificial fire of knowledge.

You are now in another world of peace and purity in the loving lap of your Spiritual Father. You now allow your angelic eyes to gaze at the universe and observe planet earth in the distant slowly moving and rotating in its orbit. You see the contrast of day and night with some lands going into darkness and some coming into light.
 Firstly, you notice the different countries and with your powerful sakash absorbed from the Father, you reflect that sakash on the secular heads of each country as the morning sun reveals their identity. You send that sakash of peace to each leader that they may remember the Father when they make decisions that can affect the entire world and that whatever the outcome, it should take place in a peaceful way.
Secondly, you observe the religious leaders and send the dristi of love to each that they may get the touching that the Bestower of Blessing has come. That they may exercise an attitude of love, mercy and compassion on their followers. That they should assist the world to become a better place.
 Thirdly, you hear the cries of the depressed and distressed souls who have lost hope in religion and mankind and you send that attitude of mercy so that they may have the courage to remember the Supreme Father and have faith that the Father will come to release them from the mighty chains of the vices. Donate the dristi of remembrance that they will get the self-realization of their original home.
Then you have the thought that you will give all souls a vision by flying over their lands like an angel giving light and might to everyone. As you fly over the lands, you fill the atmosphere with pure vibrations giving them a vision of your angelic form so they may have the awareness that these are God's angels giving them the message that God has come.
As you fly over the world, you remember all the elements in their original form as well as their working forms and send pure vibrations to help them purify themselves. You remember the ether that protects the other elements and give her the power to protect them from the greed of mankind.
You can now take on the point form and go to the soul's world and be with the Father to enjoy the fragrance of the seed stage to burn sanskars. You can alternate between the seed and angelic stages for variety.
And finally, you take leave from BapDada and gently return to your earthly lokik home feeling refreshed and so fortunate to be a child of God and the fortune of knowing Him personally at this time. You are now fully recharged to continue your earthly lokik duties in an alokik manner.

Prepared by Raj Yogi Bro. Khem Jokhoo, Trinidad and Tobago